Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral is an organic cereal that is incredibly exquisite and designed for you, and more, if your eating habits are completely healthy. This appetizing food gives you excellent nutrients from the first bite, such as lots of energy and vital proteins.

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    Do not miss in your mornings these exquisite, crunchy and very tasty toasted organic corn flakes, which were very well prepared by the experts of El Granero Integral. They are delicious and healthy, which ideal to start the day off full of energy.

    Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral is an exquisite cereal that provides you with a very good food to start your day with great momentum. This food is very abundant in proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals.

    The nutritious Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral must never be missing in your breakfasts, as this food is made up of the most wonderful and natural corn flakes. That's why, when you eat them, you feel delighted, but also you should know the exceptional nutritional benefits that such food gives to the body, so it is great to pamper yourself and your children, if any.

    Basically, this valuable organic cereal is the most ideal that you will serve at your table as soon as the sun rises, since it is a rich source of carbohydrates, therefore, it provides you with a lot of energy. In addition, its fiber content is quite interesting since its origin is associated with soluble fiber, which prolongs your satiety practically all day.

    Another of the extraordinary qualities of these tasty corn flakes is that they have a very incredible and high amount of vegetable proteins, similar to other cereals. However, it may be slightly lacking in certain amino acids, such as lysine, tryptophan, or methionine. For this reason, it is suggested to delight these succulent toasted flakes with other protein foods that also provide a excellent benefits, for example, you can eat them with fresh milk and liquid yogurt.

    Moreover, this tempting organic cereal does not lack vitamins and minerals. Each serving includes the basic vitamins, A and B, and minerals, sodium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, iodine and selenium. All these substantial nutrients manage to compose a generous food based on corn to meet your nutritional requirements, and improve even more, your diet.

    The most fascinating of these appetizing and crunchy Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral is that it is a cereal devoid of fats, so the ingredients used in this substantial product are only light and natural, just as this company has us used to.

    For the correct preparation of these appetizing and prodigious corn flakes, they are first toasted and then sliced ​​into very small and crunchy organic flakes, which are finally packed in a natural way, with no elements added, much less sugar.

    Facts of Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral:

    • Toasted and ready to enjoy.
    • Low in fat, and without sugar.
    • Provides energy, fiber, proteins, mineral vitamins.
    • Satiating.
    • Crunchy, delicious, and with original flavor of corn.

    If you like the usual corn flakes, but want a healthy alternative, then enjoy Toasted Organic Corn Flakes from El Granero Integral. Have nice moments with this product, as it offers delight, nutrition, and naturalness.

    Recommended use: you can delight in these tempting cereal flakes with organic milk, yogurt, juices, or vegetable drink. Enjoy at breakfast or snack time. In fact, this organic product is also delicious for cutting and adding to recipes for cookies, biscuits, desserts, etc.

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