Any snack is more delicious if it is accompanied with a delicious thyme honey. This is the product ideal to accompany bread rolls, cookies, pancakes, among other foods. It is a very food supplement with high demand on the market because its capacity to soak your mouth with the most intense and natural flavors.

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Thyme honey from El Granero Integral is the most delicious accompaniment to your snacks.

It is a honey that comes from fields stocked by thyme flowers. Consequently, the flavor that delights us is unique and completely natural. Thyme honey from El Granero Integral is produced using artisanal practices and gives off an aromatic cloud once applied to food.

If you like vary or flavor your snacks, Thyme honey from El Granero Integral will help you to achieve it very easily. In fact, it is a honey valued for the intense taste that it is experience at the time of ingestion. Sweeten the mornings of your family with this gastronomic delicacy. Have honey at home is almost a must, especially for breakfast. Thyme honey from El Granero Integral was designed using 100% natural procedures, through traditional techniques. It is perfect to spread on different dishes, especially for its quality. The product is ideal in terms of consistency because it has the perfect thickness for mixing with other products. Actually, it is very simple to dress food with Thyme honey from El Granero Integral. Whether for dipping pancakes with honey or making artistic forms on dishes.

Another advantage of this delicacy, it is that there is no food it cannot accompany. If you accompany a food with a salty or sweet flavor, the result will have an explosive flavor. Children know this, as they are the number one fans of this product. They love the pleasant feeling of sweet honey moving down through their throat. Thyme honey from El Granero Integral is a food supplement that goes with both very basic dishes and flashy dishes. If you want, you can make a simple recipe and accompany it with honey, to enjoy at home.

Thyme honey from El Granero Integral may turn dark or light but there will never be any changes in flavor. Each and every one of them are incredibly succulent regardless of color. The product does not contain harmful sugars or artificial substances. It is a 100% natural high-quality food supplement. Likewise, it is a product that provides us with great benefits. It is a rich, healthy and unique product.

Facts of Thyme honey from El Granero Integral

  • It was made using natural procedures.
  • It is a product very high in proteins.
  • It disinfectant properties.
  • It will optimize your digestive system.

We invite you to try a product made for children and adults. Take care of your health and that your loved ones with a delicious and healthy food. Forget boring mornings and give them a very delicious touch with this unique thyme honey.

Recommended use: you can spread it on different dishes, according to your personal tastes, such as cookies, pancakes and bread rolls.

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