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Teff Bio from El Granero Integral is a cereal grass of dark brown small grains originated in Ethiopia, which has a great nutritional value, interesting texture and exquisite taste. Give a 180-degree turn to your diet, by taking advantage of its high content in fiber, slow absorption carbohydrates, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and manganese, potassium and 8 essential amino acids among which lysine preponderates.

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    Teff Bio from El Granero Integral: one of the treasures of Ethiopia is now available for you. It is tasty, has an amazing texture and makes you stronger from the deepest levels. You must try it!

    Teff Bio from El Granero Integral is a cereal grass of dark brown small grains, which will change the way you eat every day. It is the nutritional treasure of Ethiopia, and now it is available for you to renew your meals and provide an extraordinary nutrition to your organism.

    This superfood is a wonderful source of fiber, very important minerals including potassium, calcium, manganese, and magnesium, plus 8 vital amino acids among which lysine preponderates. The latter abounds in Teff much more than in other vegetables or cereals. If you really want to contribute to your health, you must consume this product rich in incredible properties, which exceed to other cereals, such as wheat, rice, spelt, bran or barley.

    Teff Bio from El Granero Integral has slow digestion carbohydrates, which are very important to the nutrition of those who practice intense physical activities. These enter in the body and provide it with energy quickly, and as they are slowly digested such effect remain for longer, which is of great help to do effective trainings. It is also a food perfect for a weight loss diet, thanks to its richness in fiber, which provides a deep satieting effect. That is, it keeps the desire of eating at bay, which is very good if you are changing your food habits. Besides, its richness in nutrients strengthens the body and benefits the loss of weight.

    The numerous minerals in Teff Bio from El Granero Integral will help you have an effective physical and mental recovery. Reason why, it is a food excellent for students and people who are subjected to a deep mental wear, which can also affect people working under very demanding professional conditions. Teff has large amounts of calcium, which strengthen bones and also offers probiotic properties which benefit your digestive system. So, you can now do without refined flours and those made of grains with poor nutritional properties. Try this extraordinary food that has a delicious taste and get you in the culinary world.

    Facts of Teff Bio from El Granero Integral

    • It has vitamins and minerals.
    • It produces a satiating effect.
    • It boosts your levels of energy.
    • It has essential amino acids.
    • It gives a mouth-watering flavor to your meals.

    Teff Bio from El Granero Integral is an amazing food you can use to prepare new and really delicious dishes. Make stews, soups, creams and sauces that will give your palate a wider sense of taste.

    Recommended use: boil with plenty of water for at least an hour. Use to taste in salads, sauces, stews, cakes and other meals.

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