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Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio - 200 g

Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio is an exquisite and crunchy cereal that El Granero Integral brings to your table so you can enjoy incredibly delicious and healthy breakfasts and snacks. It is made based on swollen spelled, with a rich honey touch from ecological farming, so you can eat one of the most delicious and healthiest foods.

    Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio: a delicious, healthy and crunchy product for your breakfast or snacks.

    Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio is one of the healthiest and most delicious cereals, as it is a rich cereal based on swollen spelled, a touch exquisite honey, ideal to accompany with your favorite vegetable drink and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Also, if you want, you can eat it on its own as a snack or with a pleasant glass of yogurt and fresh fruit. You will really enjoy this tasty cereal that helps you take care of your body in a perfectly natural way.

    Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio is a cereal that can be considered as a superfood, therefore it is suitable for breakfast or snacks since unlike other cereals commonly sold on markets, this is ideally rich in vegetable protein, contains 8 essential amino acids and minerals (iron, magnesium and phosphorus), and wide range of vitamins that without a doubt supplement your diet in a very healthy and balanced way. Best of all, the cereal Swollen Bio Spelled with Honey also stands out for its high fiber content, which is a upside, because when you eat it you can enjoy a pleasant sensation of satiety and, of course, will be very good for your digestion.

    Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio is one of those cereals that for any reason you must incorporate to your diet because as mentioned above, it is incredibly nutritious, but beyond be good for your body, it is also great for enjoying your meals, especially because it is small swollen spelled balls, sweetened with a touch exquisite honey, so by adding vegetable milk or yogurt of your preference, you will be giving your palate a burst of delicious flavors. Besides, it is not sickly and is very crunchy, so you will really enjoy it the most, and if you like, you can eat this rich cereal on its own as a healthy snack or add fresh fruit to profit from its flavor and nutritional value even more.

    Facts of Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio

    • Delicious and healthy cereal based on swollen spelled with honey.
    • Exquisite flavor, that is not sickly sweet, and crunchy.
    • Rich in proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.
    • Ideal for breakfast or snack.

    Swollen Spelled with Honey Bio is the perfect food to enjoy a crunchy and sweet flavor, whether in the mornings or evenings, additionaly, it helps you take care of your diet and take to your table a natural and delicious food.

    Recommended use: eat this vegetable cereal with milk or yogurt of your preference, preferably at breakfast. You can also eat it as a healthy snack. If you want to, you can add fresh fruit. It does not require soaking or cooking.

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