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Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut - 200 g

A product brought to your hands by El Granero Integral, which is essentially a crunchy and delicious cereal to make your mouth water. With its great flavor sweetened with 100% natural and delicious agave and coconut that will make you enjoy a natural and organic product that is also rich in fiber, protein and low in fat. Simply ... a perfect breakfast!

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    Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut from El Granero Integral is perfect for a natural and delicious breakfast, which translates into starting the day off on the right foot.

    El Granero Integral brings to your hands the delicious flavor of Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut: a delicious, sweet and crunchy natural food possible thanks to 100% organic farming.

    Its high content of fibers and proteins make it an ideal nutritious food to start your day off on the right foot, besides being perfect for feeding the youngest at the home. Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut from El Granero Integral is a low-fat food enriched with coconut, making it appetizing to the whole family, in simple words ... an ideal breakfast.

    Spelt is a cereal with important nutritional properties, which makes it a more complete food than common wheat. Its high contents of silicon, magnesium in conjunction with its contribution in vitamin E and vitamins of group B will provide your body with the energy you need to start the day on the right foot. In addition, spelt contains more protein than ordinary wheat and less gluten, plus, its presentation of swollen cereal or flakes make it more convenient for consumption, allowing you to accompany it with whatever comes to your mind, whether it is a delicious yogurt, salad, fruit, smoothie or juice, thus being able to enjoy a wide range of flavors.

    This delicious product with a coconut flavor has been sweetened with agave, which despite its sweet and rich taste has a low glycemic index (15), so it is a good option for those who take care of their blood sugar. Besides, it is useful to consume after any physical activity to help us recover energy and be ready for the thing to do.

    Facts of Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut from El Granero Integral:

    • Delicious coconut flavor and crunchy texture ideal for the little ones in the family.
    • Sweetened with delicious agave.
    • No common sugars added.
    • From 100% organic farming.
    • Low fat content.
    • Rich in fibers and proteins, with the 8 essential amino acids.

    El Granero Integral has a track record of more than 20 years on the market, has always stood out for meeting the requirements of its consumers, who every day demand healthy, rich and nutritious food from ecological origin, of which Bio Swollen Spelt with Agave and Coconut from El Granero Integral is a shining example that goes far beyond the wildest expectations. In short, it is a food ideal for the whole family to make their breakfasts happy moments in which they take delight in the rich flavor of agave and coconut.

    Recommended use: as a delicious and healthy appetizer, use as a cereal for breakfast or any meal during the day. You can add the vegetable drink of your choice. Also, it can be accompanied with yoghurt. Store it somewhere cool, dry and dark.

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