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Bio Sunflower Seeds - 450 g

Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral is an excellent and delicious natural appetizer that will help your body to optimize its functions and metabolic processes, and thus maintain a healthy and delicious diet, in addition, you will be able to perform your daily activities with a lot of energy. It is ideal for athletes because these seeds provide a lot of energy and vitamins and will help improve your physical performance in a natural way.

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    Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral: the healthiest and most delicious way to provide your body all the vitamins and minerals needed every day.

    Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral is a delicious and nutritious food obtained from organic farming. It provides your body with a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that are not found in food we eat daily and are essential to keep all physiological and biochemical processes stable in our body.

    This nutritious food can be an exquisite mid-morning snack, an appetizer or even a perfect substitute for sweets. Some people sprinkle sunflower seeds over salads, soups, creams or pies. If they are ground, we obtain a flour that serves for desserts, pasta or soups.

    It is also excellent for athletes because it contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, being fundamental in the nutrition of those who train professionally, but also for those who practice sports for hobby or fun. These seeds are good for those people who undergo physical effort constantly and help improve physical performance in a natural way.

    Moreover, these seeds also help to improve the circulation of blood thanks to its fatty acids, which have the ability to reduce the risk of suffering from circulatory, cardiac or cardiovascular problems. They also favor brain function, this is because these seeds have a lot of magnesium and phosphorus, two minerals incredible for the brain. If you have to take an exam, you should consume a little of these seeds and you will see the results, as they are of great help to improve concentration, memory and mental performance in general.

    By consuming Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral, you will also strengthen your immune system and decrease the risk of getting sick as it maintains and increases the defenses of your body. And if you are in need of natural help to have more energy and vitality. Among its many components, vitamin B1 allows to avoid nervous system problems and chronic fatigue, as it is generated in a busy day in the office. In short, it is a wonderful food that will help you stay healthy and full of energy.

    Facts of Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral:

    • Vitamin E.
    • Potassium.
    • Calcium.
    • Magnesium.
    • Phosphorus.
    • Carbohydrates.
    • Proteins.

    These healthy and delicious seeds will liven up your day and fill it with energy, as these have a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which will help your body to operate properly, and provide the necessary energy for athletes or people who lead a busy lifestyle. El Granero Integral has many years of experience on the organic food market and its objective has always been to provide products of the highest quality at the best price. As a fruit of great effort, this company has one of the highest qualifications in the IFS certification (International Food Standard), which certifies the high quality of its products.

    Recommended use: Bio Sunflower Seeds from El Granero Integral is recommended for people of any age. As mentioned, it can be a mid-morning snack, a perfect appetizer for a meal dinner or an ideal substitute for sweets.

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