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Bio Spelled Peaks - 150 g

The crunchy and fabulous Bio Spelled Peaks from El Granero Integral is perfect for eating as appetizer or to spread with mouth-watering spreads. It is a crunchy, succulent and nutritious product to enjoy as you want. It is important to highlight that this is a product made from organic spelt flour, therefore these peaks are mega healthy and provide you with a lot of proteins, fiber, energy, vitamins and minerals.

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    The incredible Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral is a compact product, but with a splendid nutritional power in its crunchy interior.

    The rich Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral is just like typical peaks that are eaten as appetizers along with spreads, sauces or dips served at parties or tapas bars, however, this version is healthier and absorbed much better as it is made by hand using one of the most prodigious flours. Its very exquisite and crunchy texture brings a lot of fun, in addition, it has a great taste of natural spelt that you will like very much.

    Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral has a small size and nice shape that make it very appetizing, like inviting you to eat them with all types of spreads, that is, from exquisite pates, creams, dips, to succulent jams, however, the most attractive of this fantastic product is that it is incredibly crunchy, that is why, biting it is so cool, and since it is quite healthy, the fun is even greater, there is no room for regrets.

    On the one hand, the rich Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral is made from one of the most generous organic flours from around the world, as spelt has not undergone alterations like other cereals, so it is considered magnificently nutritious. So much that it has more protein than wheat itself, and it is rich in complex carbohydrates, has a moderate glycemic index, provides a lot of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

    In this way, this product is essentially organic spelt flour transformed into the most ideal crunchy peaks for your health, whether you prefer to eat it as is, as snack at any time, accompanied with your favorite spreads, especially when you have visitors. In fact, you will save face because its flavor is and feels very natural and fresh, just as spelt does, in addition, this product will not lose its crunchy texture because it is made with very little water and great percentage of flour and fiber, its shelf life is enormously long if properly stored.

    Actually, Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral is perfect to say goodbye to bread once and for all and start eating much richer, healthier and ideal products for your health. You can eat it without limits as it is a tasty and complete product, therefore you will not need to eat anything else to provide your body with valuable nutrients.

    Facts of Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral

    • Produced with organic spelt flour.
    • Super crunchy, small and wide.
    • Succulent accompanied with creams, dips, pates, among other spreads.
    • Provides fiber, many proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
    • Has no fats.

    Try this super crunchy product and fill yourself with pleasure, vital nutrients, delicious taste and much more in a 100% natural way.

    Recommended use: enjoy Bio Spelt Peaks from El Granero Integral as is, prepared as appetizer, or spread with creams, pates, dips, jams, melted cheese, among other spreads.

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