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Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds - 150 g

These crunchy Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral are ideal to be spread with any cream that you fancy, such as paste, jams, dips, among others. Essentially, they are super crunchy crackers, but very tasty since they have an appetizing flavor thanks to sesame seeds, and are also very nutritious.

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    These crunchy and tasty Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral are excellent to enjoy with any kind of spread you want.

    These succulent Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral are great and ultra-crunchy to accompany your favorite appetizers, that is, you can turn them into a delicacy by spreading any cream, pate, jam or dip that you prefer. In addition, as they are made from spelt and contain sesame seeds, you can use these rich ecological crackers as the most delicious bread replacement. They are satiating and energetic, without forgetting that they are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

    These super fantastic Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral are free of everything involving artificial ingredients and methods, for that reason, they are considered the most natural and healthy crackers, perfect to eat at any time, either accompanying them with succulent spreads such as some fresh jam, vegetable paste, dip and vegetable mince, especially, when it is time to snack.

    These mega crunchy crackers are incredibly crunchy and have a mild flavor thanks to sesame seeds they contain, for that reason, many people love to eat them as a bread replacement. In addition, if we stop to analyze all the nutritional power that these tasty crackers have, without a doubt, we would not choose a slice of bread anymore, starting, because they are basically made from spelt, so they provide a prodigious portion of nutrients.

    Few of these crackers have enough carbohydrates to meet your daily requirements, they are mostly of slow absorption, which is very convenient if you need to be energetic for a long time. In addition, such carbohydrates are accompanied by a large portion of fiber, so they have a very low glycemic index, which means that the energy absorption of these rich crackers is slow, progressive, providing vitality throughout the day, even, they are satiating, so it is very unlikely to be hungry a while later having eaten them.

    On the other hand, they are superbly low in fat and very rich in vitamins of the advantageous group B, E, and also minerals such as selenium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, among others.

    Facts of Bio Spelt Crackers with Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral

    • Ultra-crunchy crackers enriched with sesame seeds.
    • Very satiating and super energetic.
    • Very low glycemic index.
    • Low in fat and calories.
    • Provides essential minerals and vitamins.

    The super crunchy crackers should never be missing when you want to take delight in a very succulent snack, especially, when you have guests at home and want to stand out with the best combination of crackers and spreads, for that and more, buy these mega fabulous spelt crackers so that you and your family can enjoy delicious appetizers.

    Recommended use: enjoy these appetizing and crunchy crackers by spreading them with spreads such as sauces, dips, jams, pates, butters, among others. You can also eat them as is when you feel like it.

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