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Organic Spelled Crackers - 150 g

Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral is a tasty and very healthy snack, which you have to eat nutritiously between meals. Check its exquisite flavor, especially, combined with sauces and seasonings you like the most. Take delight in your delicious taste, you will be satiated until main meals.

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    Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral are delicious snacks you can enjoy in many ways. Do not hesitate about taking delight with these tasty and very healthy crackers. Eat healthily to be healthy!

    Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral are small crackers that are a healthy alternative to frequent consumption of bread. Have been made with spelled flour, which is much healthier and more convenient for your health, besides, it has a minimum impact on your weight.

    Its composition will provide your body with essential amino acids, B vitamins and vitamin E, and fiber, which truly promotes your intestinal transit. Eat them as a snack, moderate collation or as a accompaniment to refreshments. Its nutritional value makes it perfect to replace the consumption of bread. Therefore, it is suitable for being included in breakfast or to accompany any main meal.

    Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral are delicious and represent a healthy way of eating between meals. If in your childhood you loved to eat bread rolls made of white flour or wheat flour, then you will love to eat this product even more. It can be part of a snack in which you use sauces or healthy seasonings. Once you eat this delicious product, it will your favorite food when you are away from home and you want to snack on something, as it is easy take with you anywhere. You can have some of this product at the end of an exercise routine to keep the appetite at bay until you can prepare a balanced meal. Consumed moderately, it is a better alternative to bread or any other product made with white flour.

    Moreover, you can consume in many ways these tasty crackers. Due to its exquisite taste and healthy composition, you should have it close to eat instead of any other unsuitable snack. You can include it in your breakfasts, snacks or collations. Of course, it cannot substitute a nutritious food, but is good for accompany varied refreshments. Unlike other baked products, it is easily digested and do not produce swelling in the stomach. For these reasons, you cannot miss the opportunity of eating this product and thus get used to eat lighter every day.

    Facts of Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral

    • Made with spelled from ecological farming.
    • Contains vitamins.
    • Contains minerals.
    • Has essential amino acids.
    • Easily digested.
    • Ideal as a substitute for bread.

    Organic Spelled Crackers from El Granero Integral is a tasty and very nutritious snack. Enjoy its exquisite taste that goes well with either sweet or salty food. Consume with your meals or between meals for eating in the healthiest way possible.

    Recommended use: eat it moderately as a substitute for white bread.

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