Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is a fantastic food that dissolves very well, whether you mix it with milk or a vegetable drink. It is also incredibly delicious, since the carob tastes and looks like cocoa, that is, it is sweet, brown, tasty, and even, it is much healthier, therefore, you should try it because it is nutritious, free fat and stimulating elements.

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Rica Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is an excellent substitute for chocolate and to prepare mega delicious vegetable drinks.

Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is a powdered food of flavor and consistency very similar to cocoa. It can be added to drinks, pastries or doughs to please your loved ones with a super appetizing food. In addition, it is a preparation incredibly nutritious because carob is its main ingredient, which is rich in fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is a creamy and appetizing food that can perfectly replace chocolate and/or cocoa drinks in your diet, especially, because it is essentially obtained from carob fruit, which has certain similarities with cocoa powder, for example, they have the same brown color (like wood), and their taste is equally sweet and mega delicious, however, carob is considered much more suitable for health since it does not have the stimulating qualities of cocoa, and it is not fatty.

The fantastic Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is super nutritious and supplies enough fiber, so its consumption can often be very pleasant for the intestinal transit, so, if you want to feel super satiated, drinking this tasty organic product is a very good choice. On the other hand, this product is very rich in energy, since it contains many natural sugars and carbohydrates, however, it is important to mention that its sweetness and energy do not produce a considerable glycemic response, so it is considered a food with a low glycemic index.

As for proteins, Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is not left behind, as it is one of the vegetable mixes that provides the greatest amounts of protein. Plus, it also contains other substantial nutrients, such as provitamins A, D, B, folic acid, trace elements and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, among others. By now you could have realized that this product is very complete in terms of nutritional contribution, so you should start enjoying it today, by adding it to a glass of milk and prepare rich "chocolaty" carob milkshakes, or to masses for preparing desserts.

Fortunately, you will not have to use the blender to cream this tasty carob mix, because it is 100% soluble, which means that you can add it directly to liquids and it will dissolve very well, without generating lumps.

Facts of Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral

  • Gluten-free lactose-free powdered mix.
  • Dissolves easily in milk or any other liquid.
  • Sweet, creamy and very healthy for the diet.
  • Provides fiber, energy, proteins, vitamins, minerals, among other nutrients.

Bio Soluble Carob with Panela from El Granero Integral is as delicious as chocolate itself, so enjoy it, and you will see how rich and wholesome it is. Surely, you will go crazy about it from the first sip.

Recommended use: add one or two generous tablespoons of this organic powder to vegetable drinks or milk. Remove until complete dissolution is observed. You can drink it cold or hot, but it is also an ingredient for preparing desserts, for example, biscuits, cookies, muffins, brownies, among others).

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