Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is made from whole grains, nevertheless, every grain was perfectly cut and sliced ​​into super soft flakes, so that you can enjoy them as you want, either in drinks or added to other cereals. Of course, by being delicious organic wholemeal flakes, they provide you with much greater nutritional richness.

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    Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is ideal to enjoy the rich and super complete that this natural food is.

    Regardless of how you prepare the super delicious Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral, either with milk, yogurt, water or juice, eating them daily will bring great benefits to your life, such as proper regulation of digestive processes due to their high amounts of fiber, contribution of energy, healthy proteins, sources of vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fats and much more. Another good thing about all this product is that these flakes come from the unrefined virgin grain, that is why they are more natural and nutritious than those found on the market today.

    The super tasty Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is made in a splendid way from whole oats, keeping their husk and all their beneficial parts, to then cut them perfectly into smaller pieces and, finally, slice then into these appetizing and soft flakes. In this way, all the oat bran is kept intact, that is, the outer and inner layers of the organic grain, so that a delicious oatmeal is produced, which is much more beneficial, natural, and above all nutritious.

    Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is made up of flakes that are very suitable and rich for everyday consumption, regardless of how eat them, they provide you with a surprising amount of nutritional qualities that no other organic cereal provides. In that sense, these very delicious soft flakes represent an abundant source of fiber, which, regulates digestion superbly, provides a nice feeling of satiety, and greatly reduces constipation. On the other hand, it contains carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins (A, E and D), minerals (calcium, iron, zinc) and trace elements.

    These healthy nutrients make these rich flakes provide a lot of energy, therefore, the metabolism will work superbly well, and definitely supplement a very balanced and healthy diet and thus contribute to a great nutrition. Moreover, oatmeal itself has up to twenty-five percent protein and amino acids (lysine, leucine, isoleucine, etc.). That's why, it surpasses any other cereal, even meat, milk and eggs. No doubt, this product is perfect to maintain the muscle mass and stimulate the growth of the muscles.

    For all those benefits, Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral constitutes the most complete organic food. To top it all off, these flakes are incredibly delicious to prepare them with either milk, vegetable drinks, yogurt and orange, strawberry or peach juice. In fact, its magnificent smoothness and its fantastic flavor is ideal to make the "American porridge".

    Facts of Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral

    • Organic oat flakes, obtained from sliced whole grain.
    • Provide a high amount of fiber and carbohydrates.
    • Contain many proteins and amino acids.
    • Have a moderate glycemic index.
    • Provide vitamins, minerals, trace elements and healthy fats.

    Eating Bio Soft Whole Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is a pleasure that you must indulge in, as both your body, mind and spirit will be nourished and pleased.

    Recommended use: as these mega delicious flakes are so soft, you can add them directly (without soaking) to your drinks, for example, in milk, vegetable drinks, juices, yogurt, even add to other cereals (cornflakes, muesli, etc.) and shakes.

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