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Soft Integral Oat Flakes - 1 kg

Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral are a source of fiber and powerful nutrients that you should include in your daily meals. Starting the day with a complete, healthy and full of vitamins product, which is also very delicious. Moreover, it is perfect to eat  in a healthy and nutritious way, without having to resort to an exaggerated amount of food.

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    Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral are healthy, not only they satisfy your appetite, but also ... They are very tasty!

    Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral is your ideal cereal to accompany meals. It has been made from whole oats grown ecologically, which nourishes and improves your quality of life.

    By including this food in your meals you will have a guaranteed source of essential amino acids and fiber, which is vital to keep the body cleansed. It is also an excellent source of carbohydrates and proteins, which are of great importance to obtain energy and recover quickly from a significant physical wear. Furthermore, it is a nutritional supplement for athletes, dieters or all those interested in providing your body with whole grains and obtain its health benefits.

    The integral flours have many benefits for a good diet and therefore for a better lifestyle. Unlike refined white flours, they have numerous nutrients that strengthen your body and help you lose your weight. Many people said that is not easy to incorporate this type of cereal into your routines, unless you turn to Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral that you can easily consume in your breakfasts or during your intermediate meals. Not only are they very healthy, but also they  have a delicious flavour that you will enjoy with ease. Moreover, you can use them creatively, for example including them in other meals, to add more fiber to them and boost its nutritional value.

    By including Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral to your breakfasts you will be providing your body with the necessary carbohydrates to start the day. It is known that when we get up the first meal of the day should be very succulent, because it is the moment when you must recover your energy and prepare to start the day. And this becomes much easier with this supplement that reinforces your fiber reserves and also contains protein. This will allow you to exercise and it will satisfy you so that you do not have too much desire to eat between meals. Furthermore, you will have a lot of vitality and you will easily recover your strength at all times. Finally, it is a nutritious and delicious cereal that will also please the members of your family.

    Facts of Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral

    • Contains whole oats, very healthy.
    • Provides carbohydrates.
    • Provides proteins.
    • Contains a lot of fiber.
    • Maintains satiety of the organism.

    Soft Integral Oat Flakes from El Granero Integral have a delicious flavour so you will enjoy each of the meals in which you include them. Whole oats provide your body with B vitamins and Omega 6, in addition to essential amino acids that are very important for any type of diet. Consume it in breakfasts, snacks, collations or use it to create healthy snacks to eat after leaving the gym.

    Recommended use: add it to yogurt, skimmed milk, or natural juices. It could also be incorporated to various foods creatively.

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