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Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds - 250 g

Give your meals a good taste with Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral! It is a wonderful product that can be used in many ways, at all times, be it a celebration, a meeting, a delicious dessert or a snack in family. Its properties are everything the body needs for a healthy life. It's time to take care of yourself and eat delicious without worries.

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    Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral will make our daily food more simple and delicious.

    Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral is a product perfect for giving food the taste we often desire, that is, a delicious and different touch.

    Now you can enjoy your biscuits, bread, drinks, ice cream, even salads. It is a very versatile product so you can use it in any combination. Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral contain incredible properties in both vitamins and minerals, so it can be a food convenient in diets designed to lose weight. These seeds are ideal for a balanced and healthy diet, as well as a highly protected organism, thanks to vitamins that provide an excellent operation of the nervous system in addition to being protected by antioxidants. Its great content in calcium is incredibly vital for our body, if you are a sportsman or you practice physical activities on a regular basis, Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral is suitable for your diet.

    These seeds are obtained from ecological agriculture, therefore, they do not contain preservatives or chemicals in their composition. Do not worry about mistreating or neglecting your health, as this product was specially designed with your needs and the protection of biodiversity in mind. Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral not only has an exquisite and delicious flavor, including a fantastic texture, but also the incredible advantage that if eaten regularly, positive changes in every system of the body will be noticed, for example, efficient digestion and correct intestinal transit, as it is very rich in fiber.

    Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral is also very rich in minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron and even potassium, but that is not all, the list goes on. In sesame seeds contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are perfect to keep the body healthy. However, to be able to exploit each and every one of its properties it is advisable to put it on a pan for a few minutes to toast, and that is all it takes to enjoy a delicious taste that will please any palate.

    Facts of Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral

    • Versatile product, add to recipes of your liking.
    • Contains Vitamins B and E.
    • Ensures a correct intestinal transit.
    • Source of fiber and calcium.
    • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Powerful flavor.
    • Crunchy consistency.
    • Ideal for slimming diets.
    • Can be consumed by athletes, vegans and vegetarians.

    The time has come to make a change and notice the differences. Start consuming Bio Toasted Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral today, and feel its crunchy consistency and delicious taste get you so enchanted that it will become the main ingredient of your favorite recipes. But fear not, you will not be the only one amazed by this product, everyone at home will make use of it and the best thing is that you will maintain the well-being of your whole family thanks to a single and natural product. Exploit its properties and enjoy its exquisiteness without worries, you will not lose your figure, on the contrary, it will be the best source of vitamins, minerals and fiber that you have consumed.

    Recommended use: store in a cool place, without any moisture. It can be used either ground or as is, according to your preference. It is ideal for all kinds of recipes. The seeds can be sprinkled on them or used as an ingredient in their preparation, such as bread, salads, ice creams, juices, biscuits and more. The result will have a unique taste and crunchy consistency, and above all, very healthy for the human organism.

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