0% Sodium Seasoning with Potassium from El Granero Integral strengthens your organism, thus improving your lifestyle, being an excellent choice for the daily diet, as it is free of sodium and as a result our body feels automatically the difference. Its main component is potassium chloride, for that reason, it can be used by vegans and people who want to take care of their body, in special, ideal for athletes.

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0% Sodium Seasoning with Potassium from El Granero Integral will strengthen your system.

A sodium-free seasoning is an important supplement in our daily diet, the product is able to give the same taste of salt but with the benefits provided by potassium chloride. It is one hundred percent organic as you may come to expect from El Granero Integral, which has a fairly wide range of products whose main purpose is the state of health of the organism. This seasoning guarantees the effective and simple functioning of the digestive system, sometimes it serves as an anti-inflammatory, one of the properties of potassium. Its practical pack allows its use easily and safely.

0% Sodium Seasoning with Potassium from El Granero Integral is ideal for vegans because it does not have gluten, its content of potassium crystals give a flavor similar to that of salt, however it guarantees magnificent benefits (as result of not containing sodium), provides a delicious taste to please any palate. Its crystals dissolve easily giving their salty taste. It is always important to use the product in a responsible way, to maintain the levels corresponding to our daily diet. For people who like to look good and keep their bodies healthy is a good option.

It is a product suitable for sportsmen because its main ingredient, potassium, helps regulate the internal and external water levels of the cells, offers ease to maintain muscle tone.

It is important to emphasize that food will retain the same taste as you were using sodium, without the palate noticing the difference. You can improve the daily diet taking into consideration its conscious use and not carrying out its consumption abusively, it can be used in any food of your liking. It is your chance to leave all the family members amazed with your exquisite and completely healthy recipes.

Facts of 0% Sodium Seasoning with Potassium from El Granero Integral:

  • A sodium-free product.
  • A shining example of El Granero Integral's 100% natural products.
  • Its main component is Potassium.
  • Great substitute for salt.
  • Helps our body to maintain a perfect and adequate muscle mass.
  • Dissolves easily, therefore, ideal for your recipes.
  • Useful to add in various foods.
  • Gluten-free, that is, suitable for the use of vegans.
  • Its pack is practical, simple and perfect for preservation.

0% Sodium Seasoning with Potassium from El Granero Integral strengthens your organism, initiates a positive change in your diet and lifestyle, contrary to the damages caused by high consumption of sodium. Make the change today! Incorporate into your regular diet this seasoning, which, as being composed of potassium, give a 360-degree turn to your body, to keep it healthy and vigorous. Its crystals dissolve easily while maintaining its flavor, thus being ideal to be included in your favorite foods, having as result wonderful and delicious dishes. You will forget about problems related to the consumption of salt.

Recommended use: this seasoning is recommended for all foods, but it is important to maintain the levels of consumption necessary for daily diet. Just apply directly on the food and that's it. Keep its container tightly closed in a cool place.

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