You are introduced to Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral, so that you can season your food preparations with the best of the marine world, and the taste of the organic without needing to give up nutritional properties or ingesting artificial substances. Add this delicious product to your recipes, vegetables, broth, creams or sauces, and enjoy yourself and please all your guests with a delicious flavor.

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    • Vegan

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    Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral is the best organic seasoning with the highest contribution of delicious flavor to your recipes.

    Ideal to give a very different and nutritious contribution to all your meals. Season with the best and tastiest organic product, which is full of marine properties.

    Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral offers an exquisite flavor to all those recipes, requiring a very delicious salty touch, that your family loves. It is the best seasoning that you can add to your dishes to put on your table the most exquisite meals every day. Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral brings the best properties of the ocean directly to your plate. You should be aware that this exquisite product may contain traces of mollusks and crustaceans.

    Ideal for all those who enjoy the taste of seaweed and salt together. With this product, they can get that every time they use it to season their favorite foods. It is important to mention that this is a product suitable for vegan, vegetarian or celiac people. It is perfect as it fulfills a purifying action on the organism without interfering in its normal functioning. It has not been subjected to long hours of heat and has not undergone processes of extracting its nutrients, so the skin, body, health and other aspects of the organism receive its magnificent benefits. Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral is definitively the most complete product on the market.

    Take delight in an exquisite flavor that this product gives to your delicious dishes, whether it is a lunch or dinner. Moreover, you can use it in all your meals because it is a product of natural origin that is much better than most similar condiments available on the market. Do you want to leave your guests speechless? Use this seasoning!

    Facts of Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral

    • Gives the opportunity to reduce the consumption of sodium.
    • Holds a certificate that states that it is an organic product of optimum quality.
    • Includes excellent levels ​​of healthy minerals required by the organism.
    • Comes from nature to your table.
    • Product with qualities to be considered a vegan product.

    Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral is an excellent product for all kinds of salty preparations, especially those recipes of sea origin. You already know that every time you want to prepare some delicious meals, you must try to use seasonings of excellent quality, of which, Bio Sea Salt with Seaweed from El Granero Integral is a shining example, to give a delicious flavor to all your recipes.

    Recommended use: season your preparations with this top-quality seasoning and you will notice the positive differences in taste and quality. Add it to all your preparations, as indicated in a given recipe. In particular, add it to vegetables, broth, creams, sauces, and other dishes that require a rich salty touch.

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