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Rustic Multigrain Bar - 400 g

Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is an extremely delicious loaf of bread, made essentially with cereals and seeds, which is very nourishing, light and healthy for those athletes who need to prepare a fast-food before or after going to the gym. It contains a lot of carbohydrates and dietary fiber.

    Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral, ideal to eat a meal with a greater contribution of fiber and carbohydrates before or after training.

    Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is a rich loaf of bread which is covered with more than 10 varieties of natural grains plus an excellent contribution of seeds, which make it ideal for those sportsmen who require to prepare a very nutritious light meal and do it fast, especially to eat before or after training. It is rich in fiber and carbohydrates of easy absorption, so it provides enough energy to perform better and feel satisfied.

    Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is a great product that has been designed to act positively on the diet of those that work hard in the gym or seek to eat well in order to keep the desired figure. In that way, this delicious bar is specially designed to enrich, like never before, the diet of sports lovers, mainly those very strict with what they eat.

    One of the incredible benefits of this healthy product is that it is a loaf of bread made up primarily of high amount of natural cereals. So, thanks to this characteristic, it has a quite soft, light and crunchy consistency. It is also important to mention the magnificent contribution of slow release carbohydrates that help athletes to perform the best possible during the practice of physical exercises, without feeling exhaustion for a very good time.

    Moreover, fiber is also excellent for controlling or curbing the appetite, and you can achieve that by eating a slice of this exquisite rustic bar. In addition to be incredibly delicious, Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is wonderfully perfect to eat the 5 recommended meals a day, as it provides advantage of preparing a meal, rich in fiber, with few calories and very nourishing in order to balance the diet as must be done when taking a strict regime of training, for muscle definition or also weight loss.

    Moreover, Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is enriched with a magnificent contribution of ecological seeds, such as flaxseed, sunflower, sesame and small oat flakes. Undoubtedly all that adds to this bar a lot of nutrients, such as essential fatty oils, antioxidants, minerals and many vitamins that contribute to the acceleration of metabolism.

    Facts of Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral

    • Loaf of bread made mainly with cereals and seeds.
    • Gives a pleasant feeling of satiety after eating.
    • Low in calories.

    Nutritionists always insist that everything that is ate before an exercise routine should be abundant in carbohydrates, due to its high amount of energy, for this reason, a slice of this product cannot be away in your diet.

    Recommended use: to enjoy the delicious Rustic Multigrain Bar from El Granero Integral is convenient to take one or two slices and spread with light spreads, jam, turkey ham, vegetables, among others companions. You can eat it before entering or after leaving the gym, you can even prepare a delicious light sandwich and eat it between some of your 5 meals.

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