Organic Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes is a product made by El Granero Integral, which is a natural snack made from ecological ingredients. It has a high amount of proteins and fatty acids, B vitamins, as well as iron and magnesium. And thanks to its comfortable and versatile presentation, you can take it anywhere.

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    Organic Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes from El Granero Integral: delicious appetizer to accompany to taste.

    Organic Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes from El Granero Integral is the delicious appetizer you were expecting, 100% natural rice pancakes, as it is ideal for eat at any time and in any place, either on its own or accompanied with any food you want.

    Rice is the best cereal in the world, is considered a staple food in the different cultures and its popularity is unique in the Asian continent thanks to its versatility and its nutritional value. Rice is a food that cannot be missing on the table during a good lunch, whether at home or to take home in a comfortable container. Rice brings a significant caloric contribution and this product made by El Granero Integral combines this rich cereal with the delicious buckwheat.

    Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal, and unlike it is usually thought, despite its name containing the word "wheat", it has nothing to do with it. The buckwheat is the seed of the tree with the same name that is usually used in the kitchen similarly to wheat. The advantage of wheat There is that can be used as if it were wheat and unlike common wheat, but this one does not contain gluten, contains a 13% of easy assimilation proteins and contains the 8 amino acids essential for the organism, including lysine.

    And in this way, El Granero Integral put on the market a product ideal for preparing a delicious snack or appetizer that even kids will love, and thanks to its comfortable container, it can be taken anywhere.

    Facts of Organic Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes from El Granero Integral

    • A healthy and light appetizer.
    • Can be eaten at any time.
    • Easy to carry and keep.
    • Preserved easily.
    • Delicious and crunchy.
    • Can be accompanied with any food you want.
    • Nutritious.
    • 100 grams of flavor.

    With a vast experience on the market, El Granero Integral guarantees the production of 100% ecological and healthy product, thus pleasing customers who want to lead a new and healthy lifestyle, and with Organic Rice and Buckwheat Pancakes, they will include in their diet a delicious appetizer that you can eat and share with friends, since its comfortable container will allow you to take it anywhere you go.

    Recommended use: as healthy appetizer, eat it on its own or accompanied with sweet or salty snacks. Keep it in a dry and fresh place. It may contain hints of gluten, sesame seeds, soybeans and nuts.

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