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Organic Resfrigran - 90 caps

Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral is a supplement excellent to deal with the discomforts and troubles that you usually suffer in the winter. Get better from any alteration to health with its natural composition that includes camu-camu, propolis, echinacea, and sage. Its active components return your well-being sooner than you can imagine.

    Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral is your best ally to overcome the discomfort caused by winter. Recover your vitality and breathe smoothly in a natural way!

    Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral is a healing supplement through which you can overcome the discomforts that winter brings. With this product you can naturally overcome those alterations to your health, which end up hindering your breathing and cause discomfort in the throat.

    Its composition includes camu-camu, propolis, echinacea and sage, which have the ability to fortify your immune system, while rolling back all kinds of problems that keep your vitality and energy restricted. These ingredients have antiviral, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which are vital to deal with seasonal ailments that may end up ruining your day. With the consumption of these capsules, you will not have to miss work or stop your training.

    The presence of camu-camu is one of the advantages of Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral, which is an Amazonian plant that has a large amount of vitamin C. This nutrient deeply benefits the immune system, making it more effective in its action against alterations to health, and delaying the signs of the passage of time. It also contains bioflavonoids, potassium, as well as two very important amino acids, namely, valine and leucine. It also boosts energy and improves mood, which is vital in overcoming any discomfort. In addition, this product also contains echinacea, an excellent plan to improve the functioning of the respiratory system. Moreover, it has antibiotic properties, which is vital maintain a good health.

    The virtues contributed by propolis to the consumption of Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral should not be ignored. It is an antibiotic and a natural analgesic that combats the ailments caused by the cold and also relieves the discomforts that accompanies them. It also favors the digestive process, protecting the liver and promoting an increase in the appetite. In the same way, it is favorable for the health of the heart. It also has sage, which fights respiratory discomforts very effectively, which are common in cold seasons. Furthermore, it reduces the impact of gastrointestinal disorders, and also has relaxing virtues that help to sleep. Therefore, it stimulates a good sleep, which is very important for the body to recover and have renewed energy for the next day.

    Facts of Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral

    • Strengthens the immune system.
    • Contributes nutrients that strengthen the body.
    • Antiviral.
    • Antibiotic properties.
    • A great anti-inflammatory.
    • Good for heart health.

    Organic Resfrigran from El Granero Integral avoids having to consume artificial medicines. On the contrary, it provides you with vitamins, minerals and proteins, which improve your defenses while providing relief to the discomfort of winter respiratory disorders. Take these tablets to relieve yourself if you are already suffering from them or to avoid suffering them in the future. It is perfect if you tend to be affected by that frequently.

    Recommended use: consume 3 capsules a day, along with plenty of water.

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