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Bio Red Lentil Flour - 500 g

Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral is an excellent product if you want to incorporate a high amount of proteins, fiber and carbohydrates into your diet. This flour has the best qualities if you need a totally healthy nutritional foundation in your diet. An alternative that makes masses for sponge cakes, buns, cakes or cupcakes the most delicious for the enjoyment of your family.

  • Lactose FreeLactose Free
  • VeganVegan

    The delicious Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral has the flavor, consistency and versatility you look for in a flour.

    Thanks to Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral, you can a paste 100% suitable for your culinary interests. It has the perfect levels and standards of quality to prepare a wide range of recipes. Enrich your pastries or baked foods with a food supplement that could provide your body with all the benefits required for a good state of health.

    In the same way, as you can make all your favorite dishes that require flour, when you do, you will notice they are more exquisite and complete. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to prepare porridges, creams or purees. Be smart and choose this wonderful flour that has been enriched with the wonders of red lentils.

    The delicious Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral is a product made by means of organic farming. Therefore, its composition guarantees not only the most positive results in your dishes, but also the most incredible benefits to nourish your body. In fact, thanks to its contribution in fibers, proteins and carbohydrates, it is a unique supplement to incorporate in the diet of both sportsmen and vegans.

    Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral is ideal for weight loss or stay always on the line. Among its wonders, it also includes a lot of vegetable proteins and minerals, which are substances vital for the correct operation of the body.

    Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral is not only a flexible alternative to incorporate in the preparation of cakes, bechamel, croissant, among others. You can also carry out a varied list of main courses to star in your lunches and dinners. Among them we can mention, for example, sausages, hamburgers, purees or creams. If you want to give yourself pleasures with basic foods of fast food, there is nothing better than making them home. You get delicacies that are hard to refuse, but always respecting healthy consumption.

    Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral offers wide range of nutrients and properties unique in its category. Do not worry about the consistency, texture or flavor of your meals, as by using this ecological product, your recipes will meet the standards established for a delicious meal. Make delicious dishes to fascinate your family or friends, thus helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle, with the same ability to satisfy and keep you happy.

    Facts of Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral

    • A product from organic farming.
    • Rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals.
    • Free of sugars and carbohydrates.
    • Suitable for vegan and sports diets.
    • An option to make all kinds of recipes.

    Bio Red Lentil Flour from El Granero Integral brings to your home the best flavor, texture and consistency. Prepare majestic dishes with a totally healthy flour. It offers first-hand quality to increase the authenticity and freshness of your food. Leave your loved ones in awe with delicious and healthy dishes.

    Recommended use: a perfect flour for making biscuits, bechamel, hamburgers, purees, creams, among others.

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