To think about a change of the way of life, first, it is necessary to begin by eating Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral, which is a 100% ecological product made up of a wide-range vitamin complex. As it is a natural product, the absorption of its nutrients is easier for the organism. Its intake is easy and simple and you can combine them with different foods.

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    Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral will renew your lifestyle and diet.

    Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral is completely organic natural, the seeds that made it up come from the oleaginous family. You will be surprised to see so many minerals accompanied by vitamins, namely, it contains zinc, iron, B vitamins, a high content of fiber that helps maintain an ideal transit in our body and thus avoid stomach ache. Due to its presentation, it is easy and simple take. Moreover, it can be used in the preparation of bread, cakes, salads, and can even be macerated in olive oil to be incorporated in the preparation of protein-rich food.

    Another benefit that we must take into account is that sesame seeds are antioxidant, which is a factor that significantly influences the body to overcome hormonal problems and contribute to the improvement of the nervous system. Its intake does not require much preparation, for this reason, it is easier to use in your preparations. A delicious dish in few minutes and a meal full of vitamins and minerals is now possible with Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral.

    Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral gives us great benefits that, if you are smart, you will completely exploit, as well as a simple and effective digestion. Moreover, its vitamins guarantee us excellent health and look in nails and hair. In addition, it avoids insomnia due to proper functioning of the nervous system. But that's not all, since it also helps us to perfectly stimulate the concentration while maintaining a healthy memory, ideal for any type of activities such as exams. It is the right food that we should consume daily.

    We cannot forget the smallest of the home, they can eat Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral in an easy and fun way, you just need to use a pan hot to toast them and then sprinkle on cookies or ice cream. They will have a great time and will be developing a healthy body thanks to this product.

    Facts of Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral.

    • Contains antioxidant properties.
    • Composed by proteins and fibers.
    • High vitamin content.
    • Contains omega 3.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Consumption is not limited to age.
    • Can be consumed crushed or whole.
    • Helps maintain the nervous system in perfect conditions.
    • The vitamins it contains guarantee ensure healthy nails and hair.

    Still sitting? What are you waiting for? Go and buy Bio Raw Sesame Seeds from El Granero Integral, and then you will be able to improve your body, get the energy that you need so much to have an excellent day, give your family a better quality of life by improving their daily diet. You can do all that easily without spending a lot of time. Just sprinkle them over your food and that's it! Your body will be healthier thanks to all its properties.

    Recommended use: eat them as you want, that is, whole or ground. They should be eaten in one day or keep them for up to three days, since they are easy to oxidize. Keep it in a cool place.

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