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Organic Sultana Raisins - 3 kg

The fabulous Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral are the tastiest you have ever eaten, as they are raisins grown in Turkey, of course, in an ecological way, which, have the particularity of coming without seeds, have a lighter color and taste very sweet, being in this way, very delicious to eat as a rich natural snack or to add to desserts.

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    Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral, without seeds, are very soft and deliciously sweet to snack or add to desserts.

    Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral are perfectly dehydrated delicious grapes that have no seeds, are lighter in color and incredibly sweet, that is why many people choose them either to eat as a delicious snack, to make pastry recipes or to boost the taste of meals such as stews, salads, among others. A portion of these ecological raisins is also ideal to provide the diet with valuable nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

    Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral are famous today for belonging to the family of nuts because inside their delicious and sweet interior they keep a great amount of nutrients that do very good to people who do physical activities or like to lead a healthy lifestyle, especially to improve even more a great nutrition. It is worth mentioning that the body demands a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and energy every day and, fortunately, sultana raisins provide them in a very generous and natural way.

    In that sense, a tasty serving of these delicate and tasty sultana raisins is the perfect appetizer to ingest minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and, even, a lot of antioxidants as they are an exuberant source of these elements, which are known for keeping the cells in good conditions and thus your health in general. On the other hand, the raisins provide vitamins A, B6 and C, also a moderate but not less important percentage of proteins and, finally, a lot of fiber, which when entering the organism gains volume, providing enough satiety, helping to better digestion and, as a result, favoring the elimination of toxins and substances not desired for health.

    Another wonderful advantage of Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral is that they do not contain oils or any other ingredient that is suitable for your diet, on the contrary, they have been prepared naturally through a process of ecological dehydration and, of course, the grapes have been taken from extensive and leafy ecological fields.

    Now, these exquisite Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral can be a very good fruity dessert for children, as they are super soft, in the same way, due to all its splendid sweetness and little intense color, they are very appropriate to be added to pastry recipes, for example, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, among others. In addition, there are those who use these raisins to give more flavor to green casseroles or salads.

    Facts of Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral

    • Sweet raisins that look lighter.
    • Seedless.
    • Dehydrated and very well made.
    • Contains antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber and energy.
    • Very soft, fleshy and succulent.

    Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral are so tasty, juicy and appetizing that when you eat them you will think that you are tasting the most exquisite natural dessert. Therefore, what do you expect to buy some and enjoy?

    Recommended use: enjoy Organic Sultana Raisins from El Granero Integral either as a snack or add them to biscuits or cookies before baking. They are even richer added to yogurt, muesli or ice cream. You can also use them to spread on salads or stews.

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