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Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral is suitable to accompany your breakfasts or as a delicious snack in the afternoon. With the nutrients of rye, El Granero Integral offers an ideal and easy to prepare appetizer that not only is excellent for a slimming diet but also as a low calorie appetizer, without sugars added.

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    Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral: delicious easy-to-digest appetizer.

    Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral is a 100% ecological appetizer, and also a natural food that is as delicious as nutritious. A mouth-watering food of crunchy texture that gives your breakfast and snacks the final touch. Morevoer, it is easy to eat and digest, free of sugars added and rich in B vitamins, provides you with the fast energy you need to cope with your intense days at work or training.

    Puffed cereals are a new and attractive option for your breakfast. Its creative and simple preparation makes it a light and nutritious food, additionally, it is easy to consume and digest, which makes it a food ideal for all ages. Unlike common cereals that are usually marketed for children, puffed cereals contain no sugars added in large quantities or supplements of any kind, instead, they are a wholemeal, natural and very healthy food on their own.

    An excellent example of puffed cereals is Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral. The rye comes from the asian and african agriculture, with its richness of proteins and lysine it surpasses rice, wheat and oats, and thus making it a top in its category, also, its provides a lot of carbohydrates and slowly-absorbed complex carbohydrates. Finally, its puffed presentation makes it the perfect breakfast for slimming diets, due to its low calorie value, and to feel satisfied quickly.

    Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral can be eaten as a delicious appetizer or snack, to keep the appetite at bay in the afternoon, or with a more elaborate preparation that includes a delicious yogurt or milk for hydrate the cereal to make its texture soft. Depends on the taste, but the result will always be delicious.

    Facts of Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral:

    • No sugars added.
    • Easy to digest.
    • Rich in vitamins B1, B3 y B5.
    • Delicious and crunchy.
    • Rich in antioxidant minerals such as phosphorus, iron, selenium, zinc, etc.
    • Contains enough fiber to help regulate glucose levels and keep the appetite at bay.
    • 100% ecological.
    • Ideal for people suffering from glucose level imbalance, healthy food lovers and sportsmen.

    As a rich appetizer or delicious breakfast, Puffed Rye Bio from El Granero Integral is the ideal product to support slimming diets, a nutritious and healthy cereal that will give your meals a new touch. Try this delicious rye cereal brought to you by your friends at El Granero Integral.

    Recommended use: as a healthy appetizer, can be consumed directly as a snack or accompanied with a rich yogurt, milk or vegetable drinks, to taste. Keep in a cool and dry place.

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