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Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral is the perfect cereal to improve food and boost energy levels. Complete your fiber requirements, B vitamins, folic acid, iron and phosphorus. Use it creatively in your meals or as a cereal to supplement the consumption of yogurt or skimmed milk. Ideal to prepare healthy breads or to make croquettes, among other preparations.

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    Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral is the secret of complete nutrition, and it is a natural and healthy source of energy.

    Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral is a cereal that you must include in your diet to supplement your diet and ensure an incredible dose of nutrients.

    It contains iron, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins and folic acid. You can use it as cereal to consume with skimmed milk or yogurt. You can also supplement different types of foods creatively. In particular this cereal does not need to be soaked or cooked in any way. So it will be easy to use it in any way you want, without the need for too many procedures. Ensure your daily consumption of fiber and nutrients with this perfect supplement for your meals. It will help you if you exercise and it will be perfect if you are looking to eat better and benefit your health.

    Many daily foods no longer provide all the ideal nutrients they should have. The intensive production of food results in a degradation of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which is not ideal for promoting health. The flours, although they are necessary to obtain energy, have a low level of those elements. That is why the recommendation of nutritionists and doctors is to incorporate cereals and natural seeds such as Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral, which provide many benefits and renewed strength without fattening. It is not just about getting the advantages of an attractive figure. It's something that depends on health and a revitalized lifestyle.

    Consume Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral for breakfast, incorporating it to milk or yogurt, or to the drink that you like the most. You can also use to make croquettes, salads, wholemeal breads or prepared for appetizers. This particular millet does not need cooking. It is ready to be used with meals easily. It incorporates all the nutrients of a complete cereal, for all types of diet. It provides athletes with healthy carbohydrates, in addition to vitamins and nutrients to lose weight or just to eat healthy. It can be consumed by naturists, vegetarians or those who practice macrobiotic nutrition. Include it also in healthy snacks, collations or finger food between meals.

    Facts of Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral

    • Contains fiber and many other nutrients.
    • Provides healthy carbohydrates.
    • Promotes the satiety of the organism.
    • No need to cook or prior soaking.

    Puffed Millet Bio from El Granero Integral is the healthy cereal that you should include in your daily meals. It contains numerous nutrients and healthy carbohydrates that favor well-being. Its fiber satiates the body and improves its digestion. Ideal to promote food or to make diets to lose weight. You can consume it in all kinds of foods and create snacks that you can eat without worries. You just have to incorporate it and it will be ready to consume.

    Recommended use: eat with yogurt or skimmed milk. It can be used with various foods. Keep in a dry place without light.

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