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Organic Psyllium - 150 g

Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral contains a high level of protein which ensures an effective intestinal transit. But that's not all, it also contributes to curb the appetite in order to lose weight. It is a product you will use at any time of the day, combined with any kinds of dish.

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    Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral offers the opportunity of maintaining a healthy body.

    The consumption of Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral guarantees a simple and effective digestion due to its composition, which is completely based on fiber. Among its main benefits are the curb on the appetite due to its satiating effect which indicates when we should stop eating. It is ideal for healthy and natural diets, even if you are a sportsman or vegetarian. It is the ideal ingredient to prepare your favorite recipes. It is a product absolutely ecological and ready to be used as ingredient in your preparations.

    Designed for the preparation of pastries as it provides softness to bread, cakes and other products. Fiber contained in Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral helps to digest slowly which makes us feel satisfied for much longer, so we get glucose stable levels. Perfect for keeping the body in shape, thus getting a healthy body. However, another function that this ingredient could meet is as a substitute of egg in recipes that requires it, ideal for any vegan. Eat healthily to live more!

    Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral was designed to be known as a perfect food supplement for those who want to add it indirectly to their meals, shakes and salads is one of its main attributes, therefore it allows some versatility in terms of preparations. By adding it to your diet, you will notice the positive effects of its content of fiber in your body, as well as you will help you to slim down and allay anxiety through a healthy curb on the appetite.

    It is estimated that the contribution of fiber of this supplement is quite relevant in comparison to other products, so by taking a dose regularly, you will enjoy significant benefits in your health. Besides, it is a 100% ecological product, you can consume it in order to lose weight and in the process, curb your appetite and allay anxiety, which is in training or weight loss, this can be crucial.

    Facts of Psyllium Bio de Granero:

    • Provides a high amount of fiber.
    • Ecological and natural product.
    • Helps to regulate the intestinal transit.
    • Specially designed for sportsmen, vegans or all those wanting to supplement their diet.
    • Made based on ground Psyllium seed husks.
    • Is extremely versatile, so you can include it in different dishes.
    • Ready to meet the role of ingredient you can use to taste.

    Losing weight is a quite complicated task, but with Organic Psyllium from El Granero Integral, it will be much easier because of the effects it has due to its high amount of fiber and curb on the appetite, which will keep us in shape as we will not feel the need to eat too much for replenishing proteins since thanks to this product made by El Granero Integral the intestinal transit is optimized. Better yet, you can eat bread, cakes, biscuits and more, together with your family, as it is a completely healthy product that aims at the well-being of everyone.

    Recommended use: when you add this supplement to your diet, do it in a dosage recommended by a specialist or trainer, although the usual is to take 3 or 4 soup spoons a day, so you can add it to drinks or salads taking advantage of its versatility. At start-up, you must take a spoon a day and increase the dose in a gradual form.

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