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From the hand of El Granero Integral, this excellent product is available for healthy consumption as it is a delicious cereal created from ingredients obtained in a 100% organic way. It is a great alternative to rice, plus it is rich in nutrients. Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is ideal to vary your diet and prepare healthy recipes and enjoy a nutritious and balanced diet.

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    Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is a delicious and nutritious cereal, being the perfect alternative to rice.

    Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is a highly nutritious cereal that has been made using ingredients obtained through organic farming, turning it into a natural product, that is also free of chemicals thanks to its fabulous process free of harmful pesticides or insecticides.

    Millet is a cereal that provides abundant nutrients and also its preparation is similar to rice, making it not only a healthy food but also easy to enjoy.

    Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is a delicious product based on 100% organic millet obtained from organic farming, a cereal with a large amount of nutrients, and thanks to its easy preparation, it constitutes a perfect alternative to conventional rice, one that adds value and variety to your diet, so that it will allow you to continue enjoying delicious food, but in a healthier way. It is very rich in vegetable proteins and fiber, but it also contains important amino acids that help us strengthen our hair and nails.

    Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is a product rich in minerals such as iron, which makes it a really ideal food for pregnant women or those who suffer from anemia. Millet is a cereal with a high energy value, thus being an ideal food for people leading an active lifestyle or who undergoing some sport activities. This product is not only nutritious but helps to improve digestion thanks to one of the properties of millet, which produces a relaxing effect on the mucosa of the digestive system that causes food to be digested more easily.

    Facts of Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral Integral

    • From 100% organic agriculture.
    • Product with Sohiscert ecological certification.
    • Does not contain colorings or preservatives of any kind.
    • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
    • Does not contain egg, lactose or sugar.
    • High in fiber, carbohydrates and vegetable proteins.
    • 100% peeled millet.

    In order to meet the high standards of its customers, El Granero Integral is a company that has been dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of natural foods using 100% organic ingredients. Its extensive catalog of products brings to the market products of the highest quality, food and healthy supplements, nutritious and very delicious. Bio Peeled Millet from El Granero Integral is not the exception, it is the product that you have been waiting for to add that extra variety to your diet, to continue enjoying delicious meals while guaranteeing the development of a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use: as a delicious food product, wash before consumption, prepare with a cooking time of 20 to 25 minutes with the following measures: 3 measures of water per 1 of millet. Store in a cool and moisture-free space, protected from light.

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