Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral is an organic condiment ideal to be tossed into salads or vegetables. It is also very commonly used when preparing mayonnaise or different types of sauces; since, this product gives a rich and succulent flavor to any food that requires it.

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    • Vegan

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    Are you looking for a seasoning that adds a delicious flavor to your meals? Your best option is Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral, which will give great flavor to everything you cook with it.

    Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral is a product suitable for vegans and is made with products coming from ecological crops of excellent nature. In addition, it does not contain lactose, eggs or fat. Its formula is also enriched with essential amino acids that bring great benefits to our health.

    This vinegar is a wonderful condiment to give your salads and meals that mild and delightful taste that you have always looked for. It also helps to eliminate the bacteria contained in food, protecting us in this way from the diseases that these may cause.

    Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral helps to improve our digestive process, favoring in this way the digestion of food, so that our organism can absorb better all the nutrients. Apart from being used to make salads and vegetables, it is also used to make the rice that accompanies sushi, since this vinegar has a sweet and mild flavor. This product is also often used to flavor dishes because its flavor is ideal to be combined with spices, some fruit, among others.

    If you are looking for a seasoning to condiment and give a delicious flavor to your meals, salads or sauces, and at the same time, offer great benefits to your health and that of your family, then in Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral you have an ideal choice, as its formula is made from essential amino acids, which play an essential role in the proper functioning of our body and these amino acids help fortify our defenses naturally.

    Propiedades del Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral

    • 100% vegan origin.
    • Made from organic crops.
    • Does not contain lactose.
    • A natural preservative.
    • Does not contain eggs.
    • Does not contain fats.
    • Antibacterial and disinfectant product.
    • Improves the capacity of our organism to absorb nutrients.
    • Contains essential amino acids.

    Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral can be used by any person and even those people who are vegan. This product offers meals and salads a unique and unparalleled flavor that will satisfy the most demanding palates. It comes packed in a bottle with a lid that facilitates its use and helps to preserve the product, which must be kept in a dry place at room temperature.

    Recommended use: you only have to add the amount of Organic Rice Vinegar from El Granero Integral you want as a condiment ideal to prepare salads, vegetables, sauces and mayonnaise. It can also be used to flavor sushi rice and maki rolls.

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