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Onagran Evening Primrose Oil - 20 soft gels

Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral has been traditionally used for its benefits for the skin and because it helps at a feminine level. It has vitamin E of natural origin, which participates in the regulation of the cardiovascular and reproductive system, the state of the skin and other functions that are very useful for the body.

    With Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral will be very useful for your body. Make it beautiful from inside to outside.

    Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral has become really popular for its wonderful properties, which make it a fantastic ally for many common problems and pains, especially for some related to the absorption in women. Many people refer to evening primrose as the woman's plant because of the numerous health and beauty benefits it brings. Thus becoming one of the most versatile natural oils.

    Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral is a natural food supplement that makes the body's tolerance very high, making its synthesis and effectiveness index fantastic. The results are usually seen within a few weeks of its incorporation into the diet, since its natural anti-inflammatory properties substantially reduce the pain and discomfort that are generated.

    Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral is part of breast milk and borage oil. This product can be useful for women during menopause, women during their period and for anyone who wants to keep their skin in good condition. It is very rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids: linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid, both from the Omega 6 series of acids, important precursors of various indispensable and basic cellular mediators for the proper functioning of our organism. This is because they are the precursors of numerous cellular mediators essential to maintain order in the cells that make up our body.

    Its use prevents the appearance of respiratory allergies and reduces its negative symptoms, such as sneezing, tearing, etc. Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce pain. It has allowed many women to regulate their menstrual cycle or significantly reduce premenstrual or menopausal symptoms.

    Facts of Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral

    • Rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.
    • Combats acne, dandruff, brittle nails and hair loss.
    • Prevents cutaneous aging by hydrating the skin and favoring its elasticity.
    • Relieves the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
    • Rich in Omega 6.
    • Helps prevent the premature aging of cells.
    • Prevents disorders in the generation of fat in the skin.

    This fantastic product does not produce weight loss on its own, but it can be an important component in the weight loss process if it is adapted to physical activity. Onagran Evening Primrose Oil from El Granero Integral will help reduce fat reserves, as it stimulates the body to use nutrients as an energy source. Also in the prevention and treatment of structural changes of the skin associated with aging, such as loss of elasticity, redness and decreased tone.

    Recommended use: take from 1 to 3 soft gels a day. Keep at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.

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