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Nigari from El Granero Integral is an ultra-exquisite thickener in natural powder that is obtained essentially from seawater, which is used deliciously to give consistency to vegan cheese, such as the famous tofu and almond ricotta (a type of soft white Italian cheese). In fact, Nigari is also known as magnesium chloride, whose contents of magnesium and chlorine are huge, thus helping to better absorb the calcium of tofu, among other splendid benefits.

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    One of the main reasons for you to use this appetizing product in your kitchen is that it acts as a fabulous thickener to give exquisite consistency to tofu.

    Nigari from El Granero Integral is a great product that is used mostly to give consistency to tofu and ricotta, which is why it is very favorite among vegetarians and vegans, and it is purely extracted from seawater by means of a fabulous process of evaporation and natural removal of crystals. In addition, it is important to mention that Nigari is also known as magnesium chloride, which is a compound of nature that provides minerals and prodigious benefits.

    Nigari from El Granero Integral is a powdered product that when mixed with milk or some soy drink acts as a super fabulous thickener, especially to achieve that rich consistency of tofu that fascinates so many people. In fact, the substantial Nigari is also used for other appetizing preparations, for example, to make almond ricotta for vegans. The most fascinating thing is that for those who practice vegetarianism or veganism, Nigari represents a great ally, since, by allowing tofu and/or vegan cheeses, it is very excellent to definitely remove cheese from animal origin from the dietary plan, thus helping to be on a diet much richer in vegetables and healthy.

    Basically, this exquisite all-natural thickener is strictly extracted from seawater, through its entire evaporation, where the crystals are removed, and in turn, pure magnesium chloride is obtained. Then this compound is crushed into a super fine powder that is called Nigari. The good thing is that, although magnesium chloride may seem like a simple compound, surprisingly, it is very rich in magnesium and chlorine, which is why it provides splendid benefits, for example, it acts as a very potent calcium fixer in bones, which is fabulous since tofu is very abundant in calcium.

    On the other hand, magnesium chloride also supports cell regeneration, balances pH, stimulates brain function, among other functions. Fortunately, by using this healthy product, you will be able to take advantage of these splendid qualities to a certain extent, and in a more super delicious way, then, you will have the magnesium chloride contained in an exquisite tofu cheese or in a appetizing almond ricotta. Its flavor is quite mild, so it is perfect to use it for preparing your recipes and give them the consistency that you want.

    Facts of Nigari from El Granero Integral:

    • Made from evaporated seawater.
    • Acts as a natural thickener, reason why it is desirable to make vegan cheeses.
    • Gives a delicious consistency to tofu and ricotta vegan cheese.
    • Rich in chlorine and magnesium.
    • Helps fix and/or absorb calcium from tofu for the benefit of your bones.

    You do not need to spend money on tofu or premade vegan cheeses, on the contrary, give your touch of charm and flavor to your own tofu with this fantastic thickener.

    Recommended use: use this super rich thickener to make tofu and vegan cheeses by adding 5 g of product per liter of vegetable drink.

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