This tasty muesli has small pieces of nuts and soft flakes from different cereals, which create an ultra-delicious mix to enjoy with any drink of your preference, whether milk, juice, yogurt or vegetable drink. It is a muesli of vegetable and natural origin, which is why it preserves the nutrients of its ingredients much better.

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    Muesli from El Granero Integral is an appetizing muesli with flavor of nuts and cereals to enjoy super nutritious breakfast.

    This fantastic muesli is created by El Granero Integral, one of the most prestigious brands in the world of organic food, so, more than being an ecological muesli with a super succulent flavor, it is also magnificently nutritious, since it is composed of a rich variety of cereals and fruits, which provide fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals and many proteins. Being crunchy, soft and with a delicious flavor, it can be ideal to be added to milk, juice, yogurt or any drink.

    This super fantastic muesli is composed primarily of super appetizing and mega nutritious cereals, such as oatmeal flakes, barley flakes and wheat flakes, which are naturally sweet, super soft and crunchy at the same time. In addition, this muesli of organic origin also contains pieces of dehydrated fruit and nuts, such as raisins, apples and almonds, whose taste is fresh, similar to nuts and very succulent to mix with any drink, whether it is a creamy yogurt, cold orange juice, full-cream milk, even vegetable drinks made from rice, oatmeal, among other options.

    Wonderfully, the muesli is an ecological food that has a surprising variety of benefits to balance your breakfast or snacks, in that sense, it is a crunchy cereal very abundant in fiber, especially to satisfy you and prevent your brain from sending signals of hunger, in fact, fiber does very good to digestion, avoids sudden or high changes in blood sugar, and of course, helps you to feel super well and fully pleased.

    On the other hand, this super delicious muesli is an ecological food that recharges you every morning, precisely to keep you active during long working days, or, also, of physical training, it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that the human body must receive daily (or at least, regularly on a week basis) to try to better supplement your diet, and therefore, improve your health. Surely what you like the most about this magnificent muesli is that you can prepare it yourself, without having to cook it or soak it, since you only have to add it to some drink, and start enjoying it.

    Facts of this nutritious and fascinating Muesli

    • Crunchy muesli, with flavor of nuts, naturally sweet.
    • Has a large amount of fiber and is extremely rich in energy.
    • Provides vitamins, minerals and proteins.
    • Low in calories.
    • Can be perfectly mixed with any drink that you fancy.

    This fabulous and nutritious organic muesli is perfect for your breakfast and your children's, so take it home at an excellent price, and enter the fascinating world of organic food, balanced and super tasty.

    Recommended use: add a little of this mega nutritious organic muesli to a bowl, then, pour some milk, yogurt, vegetable drink or juice, and finally, enjoy all the pleasure of eating a good muesli. You can eat it at breakfast, but also at snack time or dinner.

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