Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio is a healthy and natural dressing to enjoy it with your meals or spread it on bread, toast and cookies. What makes it so appetizing is that it does not contain egg or gluten, so you can eat this mayonnaise as you wish. Besides, it has a combination of ingredients that give it a unparalleled and very special taste.

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    • Vegan
    • Gluten Free
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    Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio gives you the opportunity to enjoy this traditional dressing in a healthier way.

    Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio is the way most delicious and healthiest way to indulge in eating mayonnaise as the traditional spread as this product has been made fully without egg and does not contain gluten, additionally, the ingredients selected for its preparation come from ecological crops, so it is completely natural. Some of the advantages of using this mayonnaise is that is perfect for accompany different recipes and boost their flavor, such as delicious salads, sandwiches, pasta, among others.

    Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio is now available for you, so you can enjoy your meals without any restrictions, since it does not contain egg or gluten, therefore it is ideal for people who are allergic to those ingredients. Eating this mayonnaise is really the healthiest and most natural way to taste this traditional spread in your meals and as it is a vegan product, is much more delicious, consistent and creamy, so you can keep enjoying your meals, but in a healthy way.

    Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio makes a clean break with common and monotonous mayonnaise, as it is very often consumed. To that effect, this product is made with a unique and outstanding combination of sunflower oil, brandy vinegar, mustard seed, apple vinegar and curry, which give this product a nice and unparalleled taste. Besides, we are sure when you first take the lid off, you will be tempted to spread it on bread, cookies or toast, well, you will do that as soon as you have a minute.

    It is not necessary that you give up the dressings you use to cook, for example, mayonnaise, we know that most of the available ones are harmful for a healthy diet, but that's not the case of Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio, which was made to give you the opportunity of keep enjoying a healthy and mouth-watering mayonnaise, that is also value for money.

    Facts of Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio

    • Made without egg.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Ideal for people allergic to egg or gluten.
    • Creamy and delicious.
    • Its ingredients are natural and ecological.
    • Can be used to prepare recipes or as a spread.

    Once you taste Mayonegran Mayonnaise without Egg Bio it is sure you will come for more of it because it is the healthist, most delicious and natural product to enjoy the pleasure of eating a traditional mayonnaise, without giving up your healthy diet.

    Recommended use: to accompany salads, prepare sandwiches, pasta or any other recipe. It is also delicious to spread it on biscuits, bread or toast.

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