Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral is essentially an excellent blue fish of top quality with a great freshness and exquisite taste. Its presentation facilitates its consumption and is ready for consumption. It is ideal to be combined with your favorite foods. For its richness in omega 3 fatty acids, it keeps your body healthy, providing some vitamins and minerals.

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Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral.

Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral is a totally natural and ecological product, designed thinking of offering an excellent freshness when you feel like eating fish. The nutritional richness and special taste of these mackerel fillets allows you to prepare practical recipes that will help you keep yourself and all your family strong and healthy. This product is an excellent option when you need to prepare a meal at home, but you do not have much time to spend in the kitchen.

Among the possibilities of preparing mackerel fillets, it must be mentioned the wide variety of recipes that can be prepared, for example, a delicious pasta can be made by crushing some fillets and adding pieces of paprika, onion, sweet pepper and cilantro, then mix everything and you will get an excellent pasta ready to spread on bread or cookies, which you can eat at any time, and even use as part of your children's snack, in any case, a great nutritional contribution is received.

Another way of eating Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral is as is, but if you want to combine its delicious flavor you can do it, for example, with vegetables of your choice; with salads to boost their freshness; you can also prepare sauces for your favorite spaghetti and add pieces of fillet. If you think of a fun trip to the countryside or the beach, the you should bring this excellent product, as it will be very practical when offering your family an appetizer or even a main course.

This practical presentation is endorsed by the brand Bio of El Granero Integral, which always offers top-quality products with excellent freshness and 100% ecological, maintaining minerals and vitamins inherent in its ingredients. Its high content of omega 3 fatty acids helps your body to be healthier and more active, which is perfect for coping with your long days of work. Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral comes in a practical glass container to maintain the properties of the fish.

Facts of Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral:

  • Offers a fresh and natural flavor, typical of mackerel.
  • Contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, including omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Provides the cardiovascular and digestive systems with great benefits.
  • For its practical container, you can take it to all your trips and walks.
  • You can eat this product as is or with other foods.

Bio Mackerel Fillets 'The sea on your table" from El Granero Integral offers you a top-quality blue fish that is totally natural and ecological with a delicious taste characteristic of seafood. Buy this product, so that when your family requests a different meal, you will have a surprise for them. These fillets are excellent to keep your body healthy, just as you can always expect from products of El Granero Integral. Without any effort, you will find it easy to prepare sandwiches or salads, even as a main course in your meals.

Recommended use: you can combine it with your favorite foods. Keep refrigerated after first opening. It should be consumed 3 times a week.

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