Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral is a supplement that contains essential nutrients to minimize the early aging, externally. It is perfect for those women who need to enrich their daily beauty routine through food, which, undoubtedly, causes a positive effect.

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Feel beautiful and revitalize your aesthetic health with Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral. Improve your beauty habits today!

Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral is an anti-aging product that has the wonderful characteristics of powdered yeast and germ.

Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral is a product of guaranteed quality, made from natural components, that supplements a good diet and contributes to appropriate beauty habits. It was made for the comfort at the dermal or external level, whether it be the skin, hair and nails. Along the same lines, it can be mentioned that both components have essential nutritional benefits for the organism, especially for those parts. It contains substances such as B vitamins and vitamin E, calcium, zinc, iron, among others, and also amino acids and protein. To top it off, it is easily absorbed.

This supplement contributes to the strengthening of the hair and nails, avoiding its fall and weakness, respectively. Moreover, it improves the appearance of the skin, since it is very rich in natural antioxidants, zinc and other nutrients already mentioned that are essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and stay physically young for as much as possible, which brings as a consequence, reach certain ages looking strong and healthy and full of vitality. Now, Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral not only helps in these cases, but also translates into more security, confidence and the way of interacting with other individuals, whether it is people at work, family, among others.

This product is excellent for adults who want to recover and/or maintain their physical health in excellent conditions, which as the years go by would deteriorate if the necessary precautions are not taken. In this regard, women in particular tend to be alarmed or worried about these difficulties, which although it is true that cannot be stopped, there is a possibility to look and feel aesthetically healthier and younger, which will not only be a physical or external improvement, as it contributes with your self-esteem and the way you interact with other people. On the other hand, Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral is excellent for vegans and/or vegetarians. It should not be administered to children.

Facts of Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral

  • Natural supplement.
  • Of vegetable origin.
  • Contains yeast powder and germ powder.
  • Rich in vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids.
  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Contributes to the health of the skin.
  • Helps strengthen the hair and nails.
  • Perfect for women.
  • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Not suitable for children.

Show off a more beautiful skin, a beautiful and healthy hair and strong nails with the best anti-aging supplement, Levager (Yeast and Germ) from El Granero Integral, which will also help you to feel more confident when you show up in any place. Boost your confidence today!

Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, take 3 tablets twice a day.

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