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Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) - 90 softgels

Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral is a supplement mainly made up of phospholipids, which facilitate the absorption of nutrients, the digestion and, at the same time, increases the storage of vitamin A, also acts as a emulsifier of fat reserves in the body, helping this way to prevent blocking of arteries and its accumulation in the liver.

    Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral, a natural source of phospholipids (fatty compound found in living cells). The nutritional supplement you need to lose fat and maintain your body completely healthy.

    Soy Lecithin represents a great natural source of phospholipids, which make up the structure of the cell composition of the body and are responsible for the optimum operation, flexibility and good state of the same.

    Lecithin plays also an important role in the process of fat breakdown and other lipids to be removed from the organism later. For this reason, El Granero Integral brought to the market Lecigran 1600, composed mainly of soy lecithin, a nutritional supplement designed to help remove fat and avoid its accumulation in arteries, liver etc.

    Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral helps to the increase of the levels and reserves of vitamin A, providing the organism with antioxidants which help in the defense of cells against everyday toxicity and oxidation, also protects the health of eyes, skin, of bones, favors the immune and digestive systems. This great product also provides vitamin E, therefore it promotes the maintenance of brain's health, helps to improve the memory and concentration. It contains B vitamins, which favors the absorption and maximum use of the nutritional properties of food, among other benefits they have for contributing and promote to a large extend to overall health of the organism.

    The Soy Lecithin present in this wonderful product made by El Granero Integral, it is a component very important for the body, being located in large amounts in the bone marrow, in the liver, in the kidneys and brain primarily, looking after its optimum and healthy operation, reducing the excess of fat which is harmful and providing the body with fat that is good for it.

    Facts of Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral

    • This product is ideal to be used as supplement of diets designed to lose weight.
    • Plays a cleaning role that contributes to burn fat and facilitating its absorption and use as a source of energy.
    • Its active components help the reconstruction of the cell structure of the organism, especially those of the spinal column and the brain.
    • Improves the blood circulation, helps the balance of the nervous system and improves the functions of the digestive system.
    • Helps in the maintenance of the health of the skin, eyes, bones, plus supports the improvement of the defenses and immune system.
    • Helps in the metabolism of grape and sugar, resulting suitable for people who need to level their blood sugar levels.

    Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral is the food supplement you need if you have set out to lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Accompanied by a balanced diet and a good exercise routine, Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral prevents the accumulation of fat on different areas of the body.

    Recommended use: as a supplement for a balanced diet and a good exercise routine, take three softgels of Lecigran 1600 (Soy lecithin) from El Granero Integral a day. A softgel with every meal.

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