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Organic Lax (wheat bran, psyllium and chia) - 150 g

This product is a combination of delicious seeds that help to improve the intestinal transit and contribute to prevent constipation. This amazing product combines wheat bran, ground chia seeds and ground Psyllium seeds. A healthy and natural product made from high-quality ecological ingredients.

  • VeganVegan

    LAX improves the intestinal transit.

    El Granero Integral put LAX on the market, a product that helps prevent and control constipation, as it is a vegan product and its components come from ecological crops, thus contributing to respect and promote the protection of the environment with its production. It does not contain any kind of preservatives of toxic agents. It is a healthy, natural and beneficial alternative for the organism and the care of your health. Additionally, it is ideal for including it in any kinds of diet.

    Its composition is rich in fiber, a component very important in the maintenance of the intestinal flora that prevents the constipation and leaves a sense of satiety, thus avoiding the onset of anxiety between meals. LAX is ideal for people who want to increase the amount of fiber they consume daily in order to improve their digestion with every daily dose.

    It is formulated with wheat bran, which brings multiple benefits to the nutrition as a very good dose of potassium, iron and zinc, minerals recommended to combat anemia and keep the immune system healthy. In addition, it is rich in B vitamins which help to keep the good mood, and as it is rich in phosphorus, it contributes to the health of the bones.

    It also contains seeds of chia, another component with a high amount of fiber that is characterized for not being hard to digest. It is a very good source of omega-3, fatty acids whose benefits include, giving shine to the skin and hair, also provide an extra of energy due to its high contents of potassium and is popular among athletes and fitness lovers due to its richness in proteins which contribute notably to the development of the muscle mass. The third component that stands out in this product are the Psyllium seeds which promotes the intestinal transit. It is ideal to be added to diets low in fat, for those who want to lose weight, as it is a food high in fiber and therefore produces a lasting feeling of satiety, thus avoiding anxiety between meals. It is easy to add it to recipes and consume this superfood in order to enjoy all its benefits.

    Facts of LAX

    • Promotes the intestinal transit.
    • Very high in fiber.
    • 100% ecological.
    • Contains wheat bran.
    • Contains ground chia seeds.
    • Has ground Psyllium seeds.

    It is a super supplement ideal for everyday nutrition, improves the digestive system and comes from ecological crops. It is made from 100% natural ingredients that benefit the health. Besides, thanks to its high content in fiber, it is ideal to be included in diets seeking intended to lose weight as it causes a lasting feeling of satiety.

    Recommended use: consume a serving of 28 g (two soup spoons) a day.

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