This is a product that cannot be missing in your kitchen due to its properties, uses and versatility; and it is that this seaweed is capable of making your dishes stand out thanks to its mild flavor with touches of sweetness, its consistency and the fact that it is an aromatic seaweed.

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Japanese Arame from El Granero Integral: an ingredient with which you can perfect any dish.

A seaweed that is not only delicious but also functional thanks to its great amount of unique properties, and its outstanding characteristics that will make any dish something unique. It native to Japan and is undoubtedly a very exotic food.

This product should be in all kitchens since it has unique characteristics such as consistency, which always adds extra value to the dishes, and its incredible mild and semi-sweet flavor. In addition to that, it is an aromatic seaweed with which without doubt you will enjoy big time. With this ingredient, you will raise your level to that of a chef. To top it all off, this product provides excellent health benefits, which is not surprise since it has a wide variety of nutrients. So, acquire it today and take advantage of all its properties.

One of the most remarkable attributes is that it has a large amount of iodine, which is a mineral that is the main one used in the reactivation of the metabolism, so this product is ideal for anyone who wants to go on some weight-loss diet, additionally, it contains iron, calcium, magnesium, among others. It is worth mentioning that this product contains vitamins ranging from vitamin A and those in group B, which make it an excellent product when it comes to nutrition.

In addition to having been cultivated under organic farming guidelines, it is completely pure and free of any synthetic substance. However, Japanese Arame from El Granero Integral does not contain preservatives since it has excellent saline properties with which it is maintained in perfect conditions for long enough. Its presentation is dehydrated, was passed through the best quality controls of all this crowded market. For more added value, the company El Granero Integral guarantees its matchless quality and invites the general public to try this delicacy. Another remarkable fact is that it is used very often to accompany soups of marine ingredients and even to add incredible flavor to the soups that we usually prepare at home. Moreover, it can also be used to accompany legumes.

Facts of Japanese Arame from El Granero Integral

  • Multiple Vitamins.
  • Multiple minerals.
  • Activates the metabolism.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Has an exotic flavor.
  • Made under organic farming guidelines.

This product is ideal for anyone who wants to improve any dish, as it is very delicious and brings great health benefits ... From El Granero Integral, you only get the best!

Recommended use: put in water for about 5 minutes to hydrate it and then it can be used to taste, while it is not used, keep it in a cool and dry place.

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