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Integral Spelled Stars Bio - 500 g

Integral Spelled Stars Bio from El Granero Integral is an appetizing star-shaped pasta made from integral spelled flour, which is a cereal highly appreciated for its high nutritional value and contribution of energy and fiber. At the same time, it is a pasta very easy to prepare and also is guaranteed as a 100% ecological product.

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    Integral Spelled Stars Bio from El Granero Integral: delicious and enjoyable star-shaped pasta to enjoy the most.

    Integral Spelled Stars Bio from El Granero Integral is a delicious and nutritious pasta made with integral spelled flour, especially recommended for eating at lunch or dinner, at the same time, it is the favorite of a large number of people due to its high nutritional value as well as for being easy to prepare. Additionally, it provides your body with fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary for its perfect operation.

    The El Granero Integral team is always trying hard to produce varied, sophisticated, natural, and 100% ecological products, and an excellent example of that dedication the product we are introducing herein, which is a delicious, appetizing and unique pasta made from integral spelled flour, that comes in the shape of small stars that are perfect for cooking stocks, soups or special sauces quickly. Integral Bio Spelled Stars from El Granero Integral contains a lot of fiber so its contribution to our diet is unbeatable and also provide our organism with energy through carbohydrates, B vitamins and vitamin E, minerals such as iron and magnesium and, to top it off, it contains proteins and trace elements, all these necessary for our body to work perfectly.

    During its making, El Granero Integral takes a special interest in each of the nutrients used to make this product. It comes in a comfortable pack that retains all its freshness and, in this way, when it is cooked it has all its nutritional properties. For all this, you can be sure that this product is absolutely healthy because it is free of preservatives and added chemical agents, in short, it is ideal for all those who lead a healthy lifestyle and try very hard to eat healthy food.

    Facts of Integral Spelled Stars Bio from El Granero Integral

    • Pasta made from integral spelled flour.
    • Contains fiber, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins.
    • Provides the body with energy.
    • Star-like shaped.
    • Ideal to prepare soups, stocks and special sauces.
    • Free of preservatives and chemical agents that harm our body.
    • Its ingredients come from 100% ecological crops.

    Integral Spelled Stars Bio from El Granero Integral can be preferred in any house because they are delicious and easy to prepare. It is just drop in (a soup) and eat!

    Recommended use: cook pasta with abundant broth during 8 minutes. Ideal for preparing soups. Keep the pack at room temperature. Keep in a cool, dry place and protected from light. Close well in order to retain its freshness and flavor.

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