Modernity offers endless opportunities to people who want to eat food much more natural and according to the current pace of life. This organic brown rice flour is a very good candidate to consider, as like other organic products, it has an incredible range of possibilities to improve your health.

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    Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral is the product ideal for a gluten free diet. Be smart and do the purchase, but first, finish reading.

    Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral offers the best quality on the market as it is made with the most exclusive fiber, made primarily to allow your digestive tract to work as it must, in turn, it keeps the nutrients intact from harvest to its packaging, so you no longer have to worry about the lack of iron or vitamins in your diet, as Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral has a lot of that.

    Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral is gluten-free and has 0% chemical additives in its composition, therefore, is a flour perfect for people who want to maintain a balanced food while being environmentally friendly.

    Moreover, Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral is an organic flour that has not been processed and, also, is completely eco-friendly, so you won't have to buy products that do not meet your nutritional needs. On the other hand, you can enjoy a variety of recipes using this ingredient in their preparation, as there are many desserts containing rice flour; if you add this organic brown rice flour to the preparation of your desserts, they will be much healthier and delicious, without having to change the taste of your recipes.

    Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral does not contain gluten, so is the ingredient ideal for people who are allergic to it, or who have opted to lead a much healthier lifestyle by eating all-natural food (free from chemicals and not processed). In turn, it has all the benefits of existing cereals in a single container.

    Facts of Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral

    • Improves the operation of the digestive tract.
    • No chemical additives.
    • Cleans your digestive system.
    • Gives a sense of satiety that last for various hours.
    • Helps people to cleanse their body from high levels of sugar.
    • Its energy value is not proportional to that of the conventional wheat flour.

    There are many reasons for you to consume Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral instead of traditional wheat flours. First, it contains three times the amount of nutrients that processed wheat flour may contain, as this product retains its nutritional value from harvest to production. As it is 100% natural, its quality is higher than that of any conventional wheat flour.

    Recommended use: prepare the most delicious recipes based on organic brown rice flour at any time of day. Replace the use of conventional wheat flour with Organic Brown Rice Flour from El Granero Integral in each of your preparations.

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