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Swollen Organic Brown Rice - 125 g

Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral is an excellent and versatile product, from the very first day you try it surely it will become your favorite ally to prepare many of your favorite recipes, as this rice is very versatile and can be used as accompaniment to all your meals, which provides a very delicious taste to every dish you prepare.

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    Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral brings an excellent flavor and texture to tantalize the taste buds of every member of your whole family and guests.

    Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral has a very crunchy texture that will fascinate the palate of any person that has a taste of it. This product contains gluten, hints of soy, sesame seeds and nuts, which makes nobody can resist its flavor and texture.

    It is a perfect way to indulge your taste buds with delicious flavor, while giving the whole body a dose of healthy food. In addition, it is rich in fiber, being a cereal extremely suitable for vegans and maintaining the weight. For that reason, it is recommended in any diet. This is a magnificent option to eat at breakfast and in snacks, being the perfect substitute for typical cereals made of rice swollen that are commercially available.

    This product provides the body with lasting and sustained energy, which serves to do daily activities and does not quickly converts into lipids, which would trigger overweight. To all this is added that it is ideal for those who cannot consume sugar, as it does not contain any sugars added. This wonderful brown rice is very well produced in a natural way. As a result, it does not contain artificial elements or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

    All these benefits make from Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral a great food for daily consumption. A property very important is that it does not contain refined sugars added, making it ideal for keeping a low ingestion of calories.

    Facts of Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral:

    • Made in a 100% organic way.
    • Ideal to be consumed at breakfast, snacks or to nibble between meals.
    • All its ingredients are made from all-natural crops.
    • Does not contain added sugars.
    • Its carbohydrates are slowly assimilated and provide the body with energy.

    With the ingestion of this great product, you can achieve a very good daily nutrition. It is perfect to consume this product at breakfast or snack time. This swollen organic rice is ideal for all ages, as its flavor and texture manage to tantalize the taste buds of children, teenagers, young people and adults. Give your whole family the opportunity to enjoy a very delicious cereal in every bite of this product.

    Recommended use: the delicious Swollen Organic Brown Rice from El Granero Integral can be consumed as a cereal at breakfast accompanied of your favorite natural drink. Besides, as it is a very versatile product, it can be added to yogurt. This rich product does not require soaking or cooking. It must be kept at cool and dry temperature, protected from light.

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