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Organic Brown Basmati Rice - 500 g

Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral is a rich product that has a pleasant aroma and a nutty flavor. Cook those recipes you want with the certainty of using a product that is 100% organic, pleasant to the palate and ideal to prepare your meals with a delicious flavor that will leave you wanting more because of its unique and mouth-watering flavor.

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    Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral is a product with which you can add an extremely delicious flavor to all your recipes.

    Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral is ideal to achieve the purpose of taking care of your diet but without leaving aside the quality in flavor and aroma. From the first moment you prepare this delicious rice you can enjoy a delicious taste in all your meals.

    If you are willing to give a new flavor and benefit your daily diet, with the delicious Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral, you will get it, given that its pleasant flavor is similar to that of nuts. It is a grain adaptable to different recipes, from a simple rice dish to a paella really difficult in its preparation. Flavor, quality and health benefits are some of the points in favor that this rich rice will give you each time you cook it.

    It is a food that is made for your well-being, by avoiding the use of artificial elements and even the manipulation by human hands during its growth. Endorsed as a product that comes from organic farming, Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral offers a wide range of recipes to prepare, which will be ideal for any day of the week due to its quick and easy cooking.

    Thanks to the quality and size of its grains, the cooking of Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral is a great pleasure, because when cooking this product, you will never notice that the grains stick together, that is, they separate nicely after cooking, making it ideal for pilafs.

    It is a product developed as a wholefood, which will bring you great benefits in terms of dietary fiber and all those components required in a healthy diet.

    Facts of Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral

    • From plantations with organic certification endorsing its origin and quality.
    • Can be consumed by all people.
    • Provides large amounts of dietary fiber, which is required in a balanced diet.
    • Has an excellent flavor and aroma.
    • The preparation is simpler given the size of the grains.
    • Suitable for any recipe requiring rice.

    Organic Brown Basmati Rice from El Granero Integral will make your feeding an unforgettable experience regarding flavor and benefits to your body. You will not get tired of eating it. Its preparation, no matter the style you choose, will be easier than with any other type of rice. Moreover, you will be taking care of your health without giving up the taste of a delicious meal. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire this delicious basmati rice with which you can always give your family the best meals.

    Recommended use: the cooking time of this brown basmati rice falls anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the container where it is cooked. It is recommended to wash this rice with plenty of fresh water before its preparation.

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