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Bio Wholemeal Macaroni - 500 g

Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral is able to keep your body healthy and agile. Thanks to its main ingredient, durum wheat semolina, it offers a number of benefits to people who want to take care of their bodies, helps keep your digestive system functioning properly. Moreover, it improves your daily balanced diet by containing vitamins and proteins from wheat semolina.

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    Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral: excellent to keep your body healthy and agile!

    Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral is a product easy to prepare and at the same time helps us to keep our body healthy and agile. This macaroni has durum wheat semolina as its main ingredient, which influences our daily diet, so when we eat this macaroni we are providing our body with vitamins and minerals required for a healthy nutrition.

    As for carbohydrates that should be consumed with care, in the case of this product, you should not worry about it because the producer brand cares about you and made a product low in fat and with the carbohydrates that your body really needs to stay healthy and active during the day, without feeling that heaviness caused by white flours.

    Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral is specially made from healthy ingredients thanks to all-natural agriculture, in particular, made from a selection of durum wheat semolina, which by its nature is fat-free, low in carbohydrates, enriched with vitamins, mainly vitamin K, thus being ideal for being on a healthy diet, helping digestion, strengthening of bones and even improving circulation.

    The wide range of easy-to-prepare recipes that you can make with Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral can be mentioned grated food (take it to the oven with your favorite sauce and spread cheese, and that's it, ready for eat). You can also eat them accompanied by salads with vegetables to your liking. This product is special for vegetarians because of its extensive preparation.

    Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral can be consumed by adults and children, there is no limit of age, nor in the hours for consumption. It is a product special for the athletes or people who want or need to be on diets low in calorie and fat. Take it into account when you go shopping. Get soon this wonderful, incredible and delicious product brought to you by El Granero Integral, which is also of the best quality and above all healthy for our body. Keep your pace of life!

    Facts of Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral:

    • 100% ecological product.
    • Contains a wide range of vitamins, especially vitamin K, and high amount of protein.
    • Made from a selection of high-quality hard semolina.
    • Improves the digestive system.
    • Easy to prepare and can be accompanied by proteins and vegetables, you can eat it cold or hot as it maintains its nutritional properties either way.
    • Fat-free, low in calories.
    • Can be consumed by children and adults.

    Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral keeps your body healthy and agile, so the question is: what do you want to do with your life? Have a heavy day because of the high consumption of products made from white flour, or make a real change in your daily diet, eat healthy thanks to 100% organic products, easy to prepare with excellent flavor, and great presentation. Bio Wholemeal Macaroni from El Granero Integral can easily be combined with proteins or vegetables depending on your preference; and it can be eaten hot or cold, either way, it keeps its properties and nutrients well preserved.

    Recommended use: to prepare it, have water in a boiling container, pour the product, stir constantly for about 8 minutes and then sieve, that's it, you have the macaroni ready for consumption. You can eat them during the day or at night according to your preference.

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