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Bio Homemade Fried Tomato - 300 g

Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral is a quick solution for your meals, the special flavor and the color that it offers to your food will leave you satisfied. This product's presentation as any other made by El Granero Integral is of top quality and totally ecological. In this particular case, the tomatoes used are free of pesticides and were carefully selected.

  • VeganVegan
  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral is a surprise full of flavor.

    Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral is usually consumed in many sauces and recipes. For its presentation, you can have the best tomatoes ready to combine with your species, vegetables or protein-rich food, according to your taste. You can prepare great meals fit for your whole family, with such a great flavor that you will not have enough. Its main ingredients are tomatoes, olive oil and cane sugar.

    There are many ways of using this product, for example, put at least a large part of the contents of the product along with a teaspoon of dried oregano, peppers cut into pieces, garlic to taste, then stir fry in a pan all these ingredients and let them cook for a few minutes and add your favorite pasta. You can even add the sauce to a chicken Milanese, put in the oven with Parmesan cheese on top and let it cook for 20 minutes and you will be amazed at the delicious flavor you will get from the fried tomatoes. Another way to enrich your meals is by adding three heaped tablespoons of fried tomatoes to your favorite vegetables, zucchini, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower, add a few pieces of yellow cheese and put it in the oven for a few minutes, take it out and serve, you, your family and your guests will be surprised at such exquisite dish and its wonderful seasoning

    In addition to its great flavor, it is important to mention that it has the vitamins and minerals typical of tomato, including antioxidants which are an excellent help to keep your body healthy. It contains potassium, a mineral that helps keep you r body properly hydrated. Another important benefit is that it contributes to the improvement of the musculature since it is rich in 100% natural fiber, which also favor the intestinal transit.

    Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral is a totally ecological product, designed to keep your body healthy, low in fat, calories and carbohydrates. It consists mainly of tomatoes, cane sugar and olive oil. Its practical pack helps you to preserve it. It is ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

    Facts of Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral Bio:

    • A totally organic product.
    • Ideal for vegetarians and vegans.
    • Promotes free intestinal transit.
    • Contains vitamins and minerals.
    • Contains antioxidant and potassium.
    • Its flavor is strong and delicious thanks to the addition of sugar and olive oil.
    • Comes in a practical presentation.
    • Contains fiber, which helps your muscle mass.
    • Low in fat, carbohydrates and salt. 

    Eating Bio Homemade Fried Tomato from El Granero Integral is a pleasure for your palate. Plus, it is a source rich in vitamins and minerals, its great flavor and extraordinary texture makes the resulting food fit for a king. Be smart and offer your family tomatoes grown in a totally organic way, which is one of the many products made by El Granero Integral for adults and children. Acquire it today! Your meals will have a special and totally homemade flavor.

    Recommended use: add it to your meals to your liking, you can consume it every day.

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