Harpago from El Granero Integral is a natural supplement that has anti-inflammatory, relaxing and digestive properties. Get relief from numerous problems in joints with its analgesic properties and improve your health with its antioxidants. These tablets act with great effectiveness and provide you with a remarkable relief from discomfort that can get in the middle between you and your goals and sports objectives.

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Harpago from El Granero Integral will free you from discomfort in joints and that caused by undesirable injuries. Take advantage of its natural properties that also purge stress and enhance your digestive system.

Harpago from El Granero Integral is a supplement made with the root of Harpago, an African plant with numerous medicinal properties. Its tubers look like rough claws, reason why, it is also known as devil's claws, among other denominations.

It stands out as a powerful anti-inflammatory, a good relaxing and for offering protection to joints. It also contains vegetable sterols which are beneficial to the digestive system. Besides, it is also used to relieve discomfort resulting from seasonal alterations to health. It has the capability to relieve stomach disorders and stimulate the desire to eat. If you are going through moments of too much stress, then this supplement can help you overcome them with effectiveness.

With Harpago from El Granero Integral, you can get rid of injuries and discomfort in joints easily. It contains elements that leave aside those problems and help in every recovery process. You can eat it in order to increase the capability of the body to overcome problems of this kind. Its chemical ingredients promote the regeneration of tears and several disorders in the muscles. Besides, it is also a traditional remedy for people who due to the passage of time or a hereditary condition suffer from discomfort in bones, cartilages and tendons. It is a good supplement to prevent the development and incidence of this kind of condition.

Moreover, Harpago from El Granero Integral benefits the operation of the digestive system. It contains vegetable sterols which promote the reduction of fat, a full and effective digestion, reducing stomach problems that can lead to more delicate conditions. As a relaxant, this supplement helps stabilize the nervous system with its sedative properties, which act healthily in order to get a state of calm. Likewise, it is an excellent product to contribute improvements when facing problems resulting from the cold, which can damage the vitality of everyday life. For its benefits, it is usually prepared as an infusion, but these capsules are easy to ingest and provide their properties quickly.

Facts of Harpago from El Granero Integral

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Works as a sedative.
  • Improves the digestive functions.
  • Relieves muscle pains.
  • Promotes the regeneration of cartilages.
  • Relieves joint discomfort.
  • Excellent to heal injuries.
  • Obtained from ecological agriculture.

Harpago from El Granero Integral is a natural supplement that you must consume if you want to obtain its anti-inflammatory benefits. Harpago is a root with numerous properties that have been synthesized in these capsules of quick assimilation. It was made with crops from an ecological environment that meets rigorous standards of sustainability, and that keeps the best properties of its products.

Recommended use: ingest up to 2 tablets per day.

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