Many times we seek through different products on the market those that provide us with greater benefits and above all those we may integrate into our daily lives in a way that becomes much more practical, but sadly we rarely get them. But, Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral provides you with those qualities, being a complement for your food that contributes to your well-being.

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Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral: all its benefits in a single capsule.

Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral is made from the completely dried and crushed leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, along with maltodextrin, which together are the ingredients of these capsules.

These capsules have been developed from the fundamental principle of ensuring the well-being of people that consumed them, given that they are a great contribution of antioxidants for the body. This product also provides elements that favor correct levels in the blood, provides high levels of vitamins and minerals, which promote a good internal state of your body. If you are looking for a supplement that improves your diet to lose weight, Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral is a great option. It also provides benefits to improve your levels of oxygen in blood, greater overall protection, including your bones. All these benefits in a presentation of capsules that you can simply take along with your meals.

Not so long ago, Green Tea could only be taken as an infusion that took some time to prepare, and in some cases could not be very pleasant to the palate, but now with this presentation in capsules, you will not have to go through those bad times, but you will get all its benefits. Keep, procure and promote the health of your body in a natural way with products that are made from environmentally friendly grown crops, which are not altered with chemicals. With Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral, you will be taking a supplement from a natural origin, which will remove harmful elements from your body, and will give you natural benefits, which will be reflected throughout your body, for example, your skin will look younger, as it provides antioxidants along with better oxygenation in the blood, which will make you look more vital and, above all, feel better.

Made from green tea, which is called Camellia Sinensis in Botany. You will have the benefit of taking antioxidants. It will also be an aid in the treatment and relieve from different conditions that may exist in your body.

Facts of Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral

  • A product that contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins, which promote the health of the body.
  • The leaves of green tea used come from environmentally friendly plantations, that is, without artificial alterations.
  • In addition to providing large amounts of antioxidants, it provides very important ingredients that you need for the health of your blood, bones and brain.
  • Easy to consume.

Organic Green Tea from El Granero Integral should not be lacking in your daily diet, gives your body natural benefits of natural origin, now with its presentation in capsules, quickly and easily, all those natural contributions will be within your reach. In addition, it greatly favors your cells to stay younger for longer without complications.

Recommended use: it should be taken three times a day, one capsule in every main meal.

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