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Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa - 200 g

The lifestyle we lead today is quite tedious and very exhausting for the body. It would be wonderful if there was a food that gives us so much energy that we could go running after work or even before. What if I tell you that ... it already exists! El Granero Integral has designed and made it for you: Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral.

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    Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral: it will fill your body with energy.

    Use the best product you can find for leading a healthy lifestyle, being on a healthy diet and enjoying a 100% active body. In order to achieve this, you must consume appropriate supplements, as it is the case of Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral, all-in-one food. With its high content of fibers, proteins, vitamins and even minerals, you can get the body you've always wanted and also lead a proactive lifestyle full of energy. Thanks to its richness in fiber, you will achieve an ideal and remarkable musculature.

    Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral has among its main objectives, to provide the body with a healthy diet, which is essential for leading a stable lifestyle. In addition, in order to guarantee the detoxification of our body and an immediate purification; removing any agent that may cause harm to the body. It is a supplement that is easy to digest due to its diverse properties collected from fresh plants, which play an important role as they contribute nutrients beneficial to maintain the body healthy.

    It is a perfect supplement for those who are on diet, practice sports, do activities and much more. Enjoying both its advantages and its delicious mixture of Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa; commonly known as the Three Greens. Its compounds, in addition to ensuring a high level protein, also offers us Omega 3. No doubt this is a product completely wonderful for the care of your body. Do not wait any longer, use it in your juices, smoothies or even in salads. It has a great versatility, so you can include it in various foods of your diet.

    Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral is made under totally ecological agriculture, just like the whole production of El Granero Integral, a company well-known for its commitment to the well-being of its consumers and the protection of our biodiversity. Thanks to this you obtain the best products, characterized for the highest quality, being full of nutrients, proteins and, above all, 100% healthy. You must include it into your diet today, after all, this is the supplement you were waiting for. Give energy to your body and keep your family healthy! In addition to everything stated before, this product will make possible to obtain a stable and ideal immune system.

    It is composed of Spelt, plant that renders the immune system stable and helps the nervous system to prevent migraines and even insomnia. It also has a high level of nutrients, which guarantees a perfect diet. Barley is wonderful for effective digestion; we will not have to suffer from consuming other foods that hurt our stomach. Finally, Alfalfa is full of minerals and vitamins. The combination of the three represents a wonder for our consumption. Run for yours!

    Facts of Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral:

    • Protects the health of your body.
    • Created from ecological crops.
    • High in proteins and vitamins.
    • Contains Barley, Alfalfa and Spelt.
    • Rich in fiber.
    • Perfect for a healthy diet.
    • Vegan product.
    • Versatile use.

    Organic Green Spelt, Barley and Alfalfa from El Granero Integral is the supplement that we need to lead a more balanced lifestyle and be full of energy all day long. Many of us arrived tired from work and we do not want to do anything. It's time to live, enjoy, have a good time, go out and share, all this in addition to obtaining a healthy body with nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Recommended for athletes, vegans and anyone with a desire to start the day off on the right foot. Add it as an ingredient in your diet, you can enjoy salads, creams, pan-fried foods and much more.

    Recommended use: ingest one (1) tablespoon a day. You can add it to the food of your preference.

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