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100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee - 400 g

100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral is a delicious coffee with deliciously intense flavor and aroma that has the peculiar characteristic of not having been toasted, therefore it is a green coffee, that is, in its most original state, it is also incredibly healthy, as it has less caffeine, is antioxidant and naturally depurative.

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    100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral: the most natural and purest coffee, so you can enjoy all the advantages that coffee has naturally.

    The delicious 100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral is basically composed of ground coffee beans without being roasted, so it is a green coffee. In this way, it becomes an appetizing super natural coffee, in addition, it is characterized by having less caffeine, being a diuretic (substance which promotes urine flow), being a powerful antioxidant, and compared to black coffee, its aroma and flavor are much stronger. This organic coffee is prepared as a rich infusion, in the mornings or whenever you want.

    Green coffee is a variety of coffee that until now had not been very popular, however, as it has been discovered its great and extraordinary beneficial quality, today you can consume it through delicious organic products such as the exquisite 100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral, which is made of the most natural and delicious organic green coffee beans, of course, without adding industrial and/or refined sugars to its appetizing composition, especially, to make it an incredibly healthy coffee for you.

    On the one hand, green coffee is nothing more than pure coffee, in its most original state, in that sense, it does not go through any roasting process, for that reason, it is quite intense, natural and with a bit bitter taste, that is, it is strong, and very tasty. Now, this exquisite coffee is really a very good option to drink in the mornings or in those moments when you most want a hot and super rich cup of coffee, as this green coffee has antioxidant qualities, and with respect to the other varieties of coffee, its concentration of caffeine is conveniently very low, although it continues to provide you with energy and exuberant vitality deliciously.

    Something that surprises a lot of this succulent green coffee is that it naturally has active ingredients that cleanse the body, even, thanks to its richness in chlorogenic acid, it prevents fats from accumulating, and therefore it stimulates their metabolism. In the same way, this compound helps to satisfy the appetite, so if you drink an appetizing cup of this coffee, it is possible that you do not feel crazy cravings to snack between meals, or, throwing yourself on eating sweets.

    In short, 100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral can be enjoyed to the maximum, mainly, by those looking to lose weight or sportsmen. In addition, this provocative green coffee can be prepared as a super delicious infusion, without so many complications, so you can enjoy the best and most appetizing coffee you have ever drunk.

    Facts of 100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral

    • Coffee that has not been roasted or processed, so it is green and natural.
    • Superbly ground and is soluble.
    • Flavor and aroma quite strong and tasty.
    • Lower in caffeine.
    • Antioxidant and depurative.

    If you have not tried green coffee, then do it today by drinking 100% Organic Ground Robusta Green Coffee from El Granero Integral, which you can prepare in a matter of minutes and from that moment, you will be enjoying everything green coffee has to offer.

    Recommended use: preparing this rich green coffee is simple and quick, since it is made as if it were a fantastic and succulent infusion. You can use paper filters, ball or a coffee maker. For a cup, you should mix a spoonful (preferably, use a soup spoon) of coffee, then let it stand for 5 minutes, preferably covered. Finally, enjoy, together with some cookies, muffins, at breakfast, or whenever you want.

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