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Granocaf (Bio Soluble Cereal Preparation) - 100 g

Granocaf from El Granero Integral is a drink, specially designed as a substitute for coffee. This product has a delicious flavor, a smooth texture, a very rich aroma, dissolves easily, and can be taken cold or hot. It is suitable for athletes, children, young people, adults and old people.

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    Granocaf from El Granero Integral will improve your diet and quality of life with its delicious flavor and rich aroma.

    This is a very delicious and healthy food supplement, which has been designed with the purpose of replacing coffee. This product has been made from chicory, cereals, and fig, all from organic farming. In addition, it has a high protein content.

    Granocaf from El Granero Integral has a soft consistency, a very pleasant taste, contains no sugar, is healthy and contains no caffeine. Therefore, this food supplement is perfect for any time of the day.

    Replacing coffee with this wonderful product is the best you can do, as this preparation brings many benefits and its aroma is similar to that of coffee. In addition, by coming from ecological farming, it contributes more properties than other products. Granocaf from El Granero Integral has a very pleasant taste, dissolves very easily, its preparation is very simple, provides good amounts of fiber, and can be taken at breakfast or snack. It is important to mention that this product is suitable for athletes, children, young people, adults and old people.

    It is time for you to enjoy a healthy, delicious drink that you can prepare in a quick and easy way. So, be ready to take a product that has the niceties of coffee, but none of its deficiencies. That is why, you should give this unique food supplement a try, and by doing so, you will notice how good your days and weeks become. Furthermore, Granocaf from El Granero Integral is prepared in a short time and can be easily dissolved in milk, water or vegetable drinks. It does not matter, if it is cold or hot, it will dissolve very well. To top it all off, you must be aware that replacing coffee with this product will help you have a better health and improved quality of life. Simply the best and richest drink you can buy anywhere on the market.

    Facts of Granocaf from El Granero Integral

    • Provides proteins and fiber.
    • Has a very rich flavor.
    • Does not contain caffeine or sugars.
    • Dissolves very easily.
    • Has a fairly smooth texture.
    • Made from organic ingredients, namely, chicory, cereals and fig.
    • Can be added to hot or cold liquids.
    • Can be added to vegetable drinks, milk and water.
    • Suitable for athletes, children and old people. 

    Enjoy this wonderful powdered drink, easy to prepare and with the most delicious taste. Granocaf from El Granero Integral has the best properties, excellent characteristics and important benefits for you to enjoy. Simply the perfect drink to improve your days.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, dissolve 2 tablespoons in a cup or glass with water, milk or some vegetable drink, cold or hot.

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