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Ginger Bio from El Granero Integral is a product with a myriad of health benefits due to its contents in acid, essential oils, amino acids and minerals that together act to promote a healthy digestive system, control flatulence and relax your muscles.

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    Ginger Bio from El Granero Integral

    Ginger Bio from El Granero Integral is a product made with the root of the ginger plant (Zingiber Officinale), grown ecologically, free toxic agents and preservatives harmful to the organism. It is classified as a food but also has medicinal properties beneficial for health, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, relieves the arthritic symptoms, reducing pain and swelling.

    Its use within the traditional medicine, especially in Asian countries, dates from thousands of years where it is very popular for its healing properties. Its taste and aroma has also made it very popular in the cuisine to season both salty and sweet dishes, soup, puree, meat, sauces, among many others. Giving your dishes a spicy, sweet or bitter touch will depend on the amount used. It is tighly packed in order to retain its aroma and taste, to be consumed by young people and adults because it brings benefits both to health and cuisine.

    Ginger Bio from El Granero Integral is a digestive food indicated as a natural remedy to treat the morning sickness, nausea due to travel and also for throat irritations, chills and symptoms of cold, for which it is prepared an infusion that decongests and warms the body, equally, to combat the cough, a ginger tea is prepared, which can be sweetened with honey and add lemon juice to top its taste. It is excellent to whet the appetite, helps digestive function and promotes the bowel movement.

    Powdered ginger is more concentrated than the root's, so it is recommended to use it carefully either to make a infusion or if used for seasoning meats or any other food you should try little by little until the taste you want is achieved. It must be kept in a fresh and dry place, and for no more than a year because then it will lose some of its properties, in both taste and aroma.

    Facts of Ginger Bio from El Granero Integral

    • It is a product made with ingredients that come from ecological farming.
    • It contains Gingerol, an anti-inflammatory compound.

    For runners Ginger Barn Bio from Integral is a great ally due to its anti-inflammatory properties because of its contents of Gingerol, in addition, it helps relieve aches, improve the movements of muscles and joints. It is an ingredient very fitting to relieves the pains that come up after exercising the muscles.

    Recommended use: to prepare a tea: take 1 cup of boiling water and put a half teaspoon of ginger powder (2,5g), you can add honey and lemon juice, or change for orange juice. In culinary: can be used to give flavor to a variety of preparations such as cookies, bread, sweets, masalas, sauces, curries, pickles, stews, among others.

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