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Organic Germinated Spelt Flour - 350 g

Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral is a flour that you can use for any type of dish, desserts, sweets or favorite foods, even to make bread. It is a flour that can be used like traditional wheat flour, but it is much more nutritious, constitutes a source of protein, minerals and vitamins that is perfect for you to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal.

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    Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral. Your favorite recipes much healthier and delicious!

    Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral is a rich, natural and nutritious flour, so that you can prepare your favorite foods with a healthy touch, because it is a fine flour from germinated spelt, therefore, highly recommended for preparing biscuits, bread, cookies, pancakes or even pasta.

    The best thing is that it is a more digestible flour, with a high extra content of nutrients and low in gluten, perfect for eating and appreciating a considerably healthy food. If you are one of those who like to eat healthily, then you will appreciate the quality of this flour that El Granero Integral has created and you will want to have it as soon as possible to prepare your favorite recipes. As it is made from germinated grains of spelt, finely ground, obtained from ecological crops, it is today positioned as an incredibly nutritious and natural flour that you can eat without any limitations.

    One of the main advantages of having germinated flours, as is the case of the excellent Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integra, it is that you can use it as a magnificent substitute for conventional wheat flour, namely, because it contains many more nutrients and it is a rich flour very easy to digest. In addition, its gluten content is much lower, so you can eat it and enjoy it as you want. Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral stands out among other flours for its high percentage of fiber, proteins that are only found in vegetables and a vast amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help you supplement your diet and keep your organism healthy.

    As for the flavor of this delicious flour, you will not really have to worry about it, as it is made from germinated grains, therefore its flavor is more pleasant and less bitter. On top of that, you only need to put in an oven your favorite preparations such as bread, biscuits, cookies, among others, in this way you will obtain a deliciously sponge texture. No doubt that you will love including Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral in your list of purchases. To top it all off, it is a natural product that ensures the freshness and authentic flavor of spelt in your preparations.

    Facts of Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral:

    • Fine and nice spelt flour.
    • Obtained of germinated grains of spelt, very well ground and dried.
    • Coming from organic farming using natural methods.
    • Easy digestion and absorption.
    • Highly nutritious to supplement your diet.

    A delicious, healthy, nutritious flour that will make your life much better, Organic Germinated Spelt Flour from El Granero Integral will give you incredible results with a wonderful flavor, so you can enjoy your favorite foods in a healthy way!

    Recommended use: ideal for the preparation of desserts, biscuits, bread, sweets and even pasta. Its use is equal to that of conventional wheat flour.

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