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Organic Germinated Rye Flour - 400 g

Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral is a flour designed for all those people who want to enjoy dishes based on flour with a nutritious, environmentally friendly and delicious product. Flour of simple and normal use just like any ordinary flour, but with the peculiarity of being completely natural and nutritious.

  • VeganVegan
  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral. Healthy cooking? Yes, it's the best!

    The kitchen, the culinary art, a ritual that we must carry out every day to feed ourselves and allow our palate to take delight in flavors and smells. Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral is a flour designed for those people who give special attention to their meals, but who do not want to stop cooking or baking flour-based dishes. This flour does not negatively affect your body or the environment.

    The most striking feature of this flour that El Granero Integral has created for you, is that it is the favorite of vegetarians and fans of bio-friendly products. Everything is due to its design, and formula, which is based on the germ of rye. But do not be scared! Not everything that sounds strange is harmful, this germ is responsible for creating this flour full of nutrients and very beneficial for the body and the environment. Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral, as its name indicates, is an ecologic product. Therefore, its production does not cause harm to the environment, is a green product, a product of nature, that will fill you with its essence and healthy properties. Enjoy healthy and delicious dishes with this product.

    It usually happens that in one of those typical cravings of the day, you want to make a sponge cake, or you want to bake a pie. The gathering of ingredients is quite complex and the moment to choose which brand of flour you will use. Now you can choose a delicious, natural and healthy flour! It is not an option that you find every day in supermarkets, El Granero Integral has designed this product specially for you, as you are a person that cares so much about the environment and your body. They know you take care of yourself, and they want to help you do that. Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral is a flour that has been germinated, dried and ground, which will allow you to make the same simple dishes that you are used to, but with the difference that now you will not be consuming heavy flour from a grain that is taken out in bulk.

    Now you can prepare your biscuits, cakes, sweets and meals with a healthy and environmentally friendly flour! Preparing muffins, pasta or cookies will be simple, nutritious for your body, extremely delicious and easy. Its main property is linked to the germ of rye, cereal with which it is made, since it comes from a select germination and organic. Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral gives the possibility of absorbing a large number of nutrients unlike a regular product and to top it all off, it does not have any negative impact on health.

    Facts of Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral de Granero:

    • Bio-friendly product.
    • Natural origin and designed for vegans.
    • Without preservatives.
    • Nutritious and delicious.
    • Without egg or lactose, environmentally friendly.
    • Low in fat.

    Eat in a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly way! With Organic Germinated Rye Flour from El Granero Integral, you can enjoy delicious and healthy dishes, sweets and cakes.

    Recommended use: as any flour. This product can be used to prepare cookies, cakes, muffins, homemade pasta and bread.

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