Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral offers a totally healthy and enjoyable way of eating pasta. It is an enriching product for our body, which has been made from 2 cereals and 2 pseudocereals in order to ensure a complete and well-maintained intake. It is ideal if you need to save time in the kitchen.

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    • Vegan
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    • Gluten Free
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    Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral is a complete and healthy pasta that fits into any diet.

    Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral is a food supplement made using ingredients obtained by means of organic farming. It provides wonderful benefits and nutritional values that makes it very complete ​​among all conventional types of pasta.

    In addition, the absence of gluten in its preparation makes it an option suitable for celiac, and even vegan people. The secret of this pasta lies, especially, in the 4 cereals that it includes, thus providing a great supply of properties and incredible gustatory delights. Plus, this exquisite spiral-shaped pasta has a very appetizing fine texture, so when you want to really enjoy a plate of pasta, prepare some fusilli and accompany it with your favorite sauces.

    Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral not only was made with the intention of satisfying your appetite, since it is also an important food to provide the body with great nutritional benefits. Due to its high contents of fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is as good as any conventional type of pasta. In addition, thanks to its totally ecological and natural production, you can optimize your diet.

    Moreover, as it is a gluten-free food, it can be the main course in family gatherings or events. It not secret that pasta and delicious sauces, appetizing dishes can be prepared, in particular, with fusilli, that takes a step further, because it is 100% healthy, full of nutrients, and very quick and easy to prepare. Also, if you need something more extraordinary, you can always include it in salads, stews, creams or other recipes.

    If you want a perfect alternative to main courses, either at lunch or dinner, do not hesitate to go for Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral. Like any other type of pasta, this product is highly valued, not to mention that it offers some nice advantages in the kitchen.

    You can prepare it to eat pasta with an authentic and pleasant taste, while obtaining generous amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the former, it is an excellent food to regulate the intestinal transit and keep the appetite satisfied for several hours. As it has an extra tender texture, it will be felt very nice on your palate.

    By now you should know that this product is very suitable for any person who wants to eat healthy, delicious and nutritious pasta. So, acquire it and prepare it when you want to eat a mouth-watering dish, especially, if you have not enough time to spend in the kitchen.

    Facts of Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral

    • A delicious pasta shaped like a spiral.
    • Made from 4 cereals.
    • Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
    • Ideal to mix with sauces or creams.
    • A product of organic farming.
    • Takes few minutes to prepare.

    Bio Gluten-Free 4-Cereal Fusilli from El Granero Integral produces great pleasures during the ingestion. A complement that will allow you to improve your eating habits. Thanks to its nutritional values, you have the chance to taste a culinary delicacy, while taking advantage of nutritional values. Keep all the members of your family happy with a wonderful dish of this pasta.

    Recommended use: cook the pasta with plenty of water for 8 to 10 minutes. Once ready, serve and top with sauces of your preference.

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